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Collabera Digital redefines business innovation in PH, launches Generative AI Lab in partnership with Katonic AI for enterprise solutions

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Collabera Digital and representatives at the unveiling of the Philippines’ 1st Generative AI Lab for Enterprise Solutions

Collabera Digital, a global provider of digital engineering services, is set to revolutionize business innovation in the Philippines through a pioneering partnership with Katonic AI.

This strategic collaboration will enable large and small businesses to rapidly harness the transformative power of Generative AI without the traditional risks of data security or data hallucinations.

With a shared commitment to fostering innovation, Collabera Digital and Katonic AI are on a mission to empower enterprises in the Philippines.

By combining Collabera Digital’s industry insights and engineering expertise with Katonic AI’s Generative AI expertise, this collaboration is poised to unleash the full potential of cutting-edge technology for transformative outcomes.

The heart of this partnership lies in the launch of Generative AI labs, strategically located in key cities across the Asia-Pacific region, including Manila. These labs represent dynamic centres of excellence, where Collabera Digital’s expertise sparks the ignition of novel ideas.
“Collabera Digital’s Generative AI lab underscores our unwavering commitment to driving groundbreaking advancements by fostering a collaborative platform,” says Manan Mehta, Sr. VP & Country Head of Collabera Digital Philippines. He further added, “The world is abuzz with Generative AI and the limitless possibilities it can unveil. Through the Gen AI lab, our goal is to bring the power of this technology to our clients in the Philippines and unlock enormous business opportunities for them and the country at large.”
“Over the last 3 years, we have helped organisations across APAC derive value out of Traditional and Generative AI. That experience will allow us to help organisations in the Philippines leverage Artificial Intelligence for their growth and success with speed and efficiency.”, added Prem Naraindas, CEO and Founder of Katonic AI

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With Collabera Digital at the helm of this transformative initiative, businesses in the Philippines are well-positioned to transcend boundaries and embrace a new era of possibilities.

The Generative AI Lab stands as a catalyst for ushering in a future where innovation knows no bounds, and Collabera Digital continues to pave the way for technological advancement in the region.

Generative AI has emerged as a revolutionary force, enabling companies to reshape their creative and operational paradigms. Collabera Digital’s Generative AI Lab is dedicated to innovation, collaboration, and cultivating unique AI-driven solutions. This lab is poised to shape a future where technology’s potential is harnessed for the advancement of APAC industries, society, and economy.

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