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Former world champion Andre Berto makes bold prediction for Crawford-Spence Jr. clash

By Ponciano “John” Melo, Jr.

In the lead-up to the epic showdown between Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr., boxing fans and experts find themselves captivated by the heated debates surrounding the fight’s outcome.

Adding fuel to the fire is the prediction of former WBC and IBF Welterweight champion Andre Berto, a seasoned veteran with a storied career.

Berto, who has shared the ring with boxing legends like Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Shawn Porter, confidently asserts that the Crawford-Spence Jr. battle will not go the distance. 

Taking to social media, the former world champion left no room for doubt, stating, “Spence vs. Crawford will not go the distance. BE CLEAR!! Somebody is getting stopped in spectacular fashion. That’s the only way this goes.”

However, Berto’s bold proclamation has sparked a spirited discourse among fans, with differing opinions emerging from every corner. 

While some agree with the former champion’s prediction, others present their own compelling theories and suppositions, adding to the anticipation surrounding this highly-anticipated clash.

Surprisingly, Terence Crawford himself echoes Berto’s sentiment, expressing his intention to deliver a decisive knockout blow to Spence Jr. during a recent interview with Stephen A Smith. 

The reigning WBO champion exudes confidence as he prepares to showcase his formidable skills on July 29th.

As the countdown to the fight continues, the clash of opinions from experts and fans alike only intensifies the intrigue surrounding this colossal battle. With the contrasting styles and unwavering determination of both fighters, the welterweight division is on the precipice of witnessing a historic moment. 

The world eagerly awaits the spectacle, anxiously speculating which warrior will emerge victorious and etch their name in boxing immortality.

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