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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

PAO chief supports absolute divorce bill

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Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) chief Persida Acosta has expressed support for House Bill 9349 or the proposed Absolute Divorce Act, lauding members of the House of Representatives and Senate backing the measure.

Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman is the principal author of the bill, which “seeks to provide absolute divorce as a legal remedy for irreparably broken marriages under specific grounds and judicial processes with the goal of sparing children from the emotional strain of parental dispute and allowing divorced individuals to remarry.”

According to Acosta, divorce could be the answer to many dysfunctional or broken families.

She called on the senators strongly opposing divorce to look into the sorry plight of the children whose parents are suffering from marital problems.

“One may not support the bill because one has a happy, loving, and normal family. What about those who have dysfunctional families?” Acosta asked.

Should the bill be enacted into law, she vowed to extend legal assistance to those who would apply for divorce.

Acosta has since said she is hoping there would be a mandatory provision allowing PAO to handle divorce cases.


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