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The most beautiful Filipina according to Cory Kays

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We can argue for hours over which Filipina celebrities have the most symmetrical face, something considered attractive in women. We can debate on who has fuller lips, high forehead, broad face, small chin, pointed nose, short and narrow jaw, high cheekbones, clear and smooth skin, and wide-set eyes. The truth is, beauty standards vary from one person to another. Everyone has his or her own preference when it comes to defining what makes a person physically attractive. 

Hollywood actor Cory Kays recently weighed in on his preference during an exclusive interview hosted by Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco. On location in Manila for pre-production work on the movie Titleholder, Cory was asked to choose among several famous Filipina actresses Kathryn Bernardo, Nadine Lustre, Liza Soberano, Erich Gonzales, Lovi Poe, Jennylyn Mercado, Marian Rivera, and Maine Mendoza.

Hollywood actor Cory Kays stars in a sports and romantic drama, ‘Titleholder,’ which centers on the journey of a street-tough boxer who relocates to the Philippines.

“This is a huge decision. This could affect me for the rest of my life,” the actor commented in jest adding that all were very beautiful.

During the interview, Cory named Marian as someone whom he would want to be friends with, Lovi as someone he would want to meet and have a date with, and Maine as the one who has the prettiest face “because of her eyes, they are blinding.” (Watch the full video here:

Maine Mendoza whom the Hollywood actor named as the prettiest Filipina celebrity. 

Sports drama mixed with romance 

Cory is the lead actor in the film Titleholder playing the role of a street-tough boxer named Blanco. The film is a collaboration between the actor and Filipino-American director and producer Danny Aguilar

Danny is based in Dallas but was born and raised in Umingan, Pangasinan, Philippines.

Cory, on the other hand, is a multi-award-winning actor who has starred in several American films. Over the last four years, he has performed leading roles in 12 feature films and has appeared on a variety of television shows and commercials. He has received accolades for Best Lead Actor, Best Hero, and Best Villain during his young career.

Filipino-American director and producer Danny Aguilar

Titleholder revolves around the story of a street-tough American boxer who contently makes his living as a journeyman fighting in rundown bars, gymnasiums, and small convention centers. Tired of seeing him battered for little to no money, his best friend Alvin asks what he is fighting for – a question Blanco is unable to answer.

Alvin encourages Blanco to relocate to the Philippines in order to train under to the tutelage of Benjie, the pupil of Alvin’s late grandfather. Initially resistant to the idea, Blanco embarks on a journey into the Philippines which begins with a standoff against a confrontational cock-fighting rooster.

He is then thrust into Filipino culture by Benjie and Alvin’s grandmother, Victoria. Benjie arranges for Blanco to be an honorary foreign judge at a local beauty pageant where he awkwardly meets Luzviminda, an aspiring beauty queen. The two begin an unlikely friendship budding into romance.

“Titleholder is very personal to me because it represents my whole being: heritage, culture, family, people, and the Philippines. I cannot think of a better way to showcase my heritage than in the form of a motion picture,” said Danny.

Cory in an interview with beauty queen Karen Ibasco.

He was involved in the conceptualization and story development of the project, which he considers a sports drama mixed with romance and a cross-cultural flare.  

According to Danny, the film highlights the most popular past times in the Philippines namely boxing, beauty pageants, basketball, and karaoke. 

“As a storyteller, nothing is more compelling and authentic for me than telling stories that hit home. Titleholder is very personal to me because it represents my whole being: heritage, culture, family, people and the Philippines. I cannot think of a better way to showcase my heritage than in the form of a motion picture,” Danny shared.

In directing this movie, Danny feels privileged to show the Philippines through his eyes and through the eyes of the film’s main protagonist. 

“The audience can experience how he navigates this new-found place and adopted family. Blanco’s courage, determination and resilience are bound to strike a chord as people can appreciate and relate to his struggles and his outlook on life,” the actor-producer pointed out.

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