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A unique travel experience this holiday season

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Boutique airlines are a new and exciting way to travel, especially for those looking for a more personalized and exclusive experience. These airlines typically have smaller fleets and service a smaller number of short-haul domestic destinations, which allows them to provide passengers with a higher standard of customer service and amenities.

One of the key features of boutique airlines is their easy-to-build itineraries. In addition to booking round-trip flights, passengers can also book hotel accommodations, airport transfers, and even complete travel packages that include meals and attractions. This makes it easy for passengers to plan their entire vacation without having to make multiple bookings.

Another feature that sets boutique airlines apart is their intimate and comfortable travel experience. With fewer seats on the aircraft, passengers enjoy wider legroom and the full attention of the flight crew. This makes for a much more relaxing and enjoyable flying experience.

Sunlight Air is the Philippines’ newest boutique airline, and it is quickly becoming a favorite among travelers for its exclusive short-haul and inter-island flights to local dream destinations. In addition to its regular flights, Sunlight Air also offers special services such as the Travel Bubble and Easy Shuttle, which make it easy for passengers to book accommodations and transfer services.

Sunlight Air, the Philippines’ newest boutique airline, offers exclusive short-haul and inter-island flights with a fleet of three ATR 72-500s. You may book your flight at 

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