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Unforgettable journeys and hassle-free adventures

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The pandemic may have temporarily thwarted dream travel, but as the world’s recovery gains momentum, wanderlust reignites in the hearts of countless explorers.

Traveling offers an enriching opportunity to immerse yourself in new cultures, traverse uncharted territories, and craft cherished memories with loved ones or even in solitary contemplation. Yet, the journey can be equally demanding and bewildering, particularly when unprepared.

To help you on your next trip,  Manila Standard Lifestyle  provides essential tips for a better travel experience.

Be prepared to make changes to your itinerary

Do your research: Before you embark on a trip, take some time to learn about your destination—the climate, culture, and attractions you can visit. Remember that the more you know about your destination, the better prepared you’ll be, and the more you’ll enjoy your trip.

Be flexible: It’s important to remember that sometimes things don’t go according to plan when you’re traveling, so be prepared to make changes to your itinerary. If you can go with the flow, you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience.

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Pack only what you need: While it’s tempting to overpack for the perfect Instagram photos, it’s better to pack light so you don’t have to lug around a heavy suitcase. Bring only the essentials and leave the rest at home. Take a break from thinking about what you need to post and enjoy the experience.

Learn a few basic phrases: You don’t need to be fluent in the local language, but learning a few basic phrases can go a long way. Knowing how to ask for directions or thank local people for their help can be very helpful.

Before going on a trip, know about your destination

Book your trip with a trusted travel agency: Booking a trip abroad can be exciting but also daunting. There’s so much to consider, from flights and accommodations to visas and travel insurance. Always remember to book with travel agencies accredited by reputable organizations that are known for providing better travel experiences.

Arce Tours and Travel has been doing just that since 2001. Established by Nat Arcega, who already had a background in the airline and travel industry, the agency has been providing corporate clients with incentive tours, international conferences, and seminars, visa processing for international destinations, as well as seamless transportation arrangements via land, sea, and air for domestic travelers.

Arce Tours and Travel offers comprehensive travel services, including visa processing, ticketing assistance, accommodations, transfers, tours and activities (both private and group), pocket Wi-Fi services, and pocket Wi-Fi dongles, to name a few examples.

Recently, Arce Tours and Travel earned accreditation from the Malaysian embassy in the Philippines to process visas for workers, students, and anyone seeking an extended stay in Malaysia.

Travel lightly and bring only the essentials

The travel agency is committed to making their clients’ travel dreams come true by carefully crafting tours, tailor-made itineraries, or providing fully customizable experiences that meet all your travel requirements.

To learn more about their trip packages and offerings, visit

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