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Marby celebrates Filipino heritage through 100% locally crafted breads

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Marby Food Ventures showcased their masarap, siksik, superior quality, and 100% locally made Superloaf at the Marby Heritage Haven Pop-up Event 

Manila, Philippines – May 14, 2024 –  Bread lovers and local brands supporters gathered  last May 11 amidst the summer heat at the Salcedo Saturday Market for the Marby Heritage Haven Pop-up Event; as renowned Filipino bread brand Marby showcased its masarap, siksik, superior quality, and 100% locally made products that exemplify its brand heritage. 

Marby was born out of the combined names of the brand’s proponents, Mario Valderrama, Marby President and CEO, and his wife Baby, Marby Vice President of Finance. Starting with just a handful of product variants, Marby has since flourished over the past 47 years, offering over 200 varieties of bread, pastries, and frozen products that have become beloved staples nationwide.

“Marby Heritage Haven is more than just a pop-up event – it’s a celebration of the brand’s rich history of quality baking traditions,” said Sheila Valderrama-Martinez, Marby Head of Marketing & Export Division. She adds, “Through our masarap, siksik, and superior quality breads, we aim to not only satisfy appetites but also evoke a sense of pride in our Filipino heritage with our 100% locally made products.” 

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly having the guests taste Marby’s flagship product, the Superloaf. When asked what makes Marby standout given that the other competitors are also banking on the high quality of breads, Paolo Valderrama, Marby Vice President for Operations shares, “Marby Superloaf gives a warm embrace of home with every slice.” He expounds, “Marby Superloaf is masarap, siksik, superior quality, and 100% locally made with only the finest locally sourced ingredients, the Superloaf encapsulates the essence of Filipino baking at its finest.”

Guests were indulged in a delightful array of flavors as Marby’s breads were paired with other locally sourced delicacies, such as TonG Coffee and TheNutCo., further elevating the Marby experience.

Mommy content creator Kelly Misa-Fernandez, the event’s gracious host, also shared her personal admiration for Marby’s superior quality breads, remarking, “Marby’s journey from humble origins to becoming a household name is truly inspiring, and their Superload – each bite is a nostalgic taste of home, making it the perfect daily bread in our household. To my fellow moms out there, let’s all make Marby Superloaf our new daily bread!”

Marby Heritage Haven cemented Marby’s commitment to preserving Filipino heritage through its delicious and meticulously crafted breads. It’s also a testament to how Marby Food Ventures remains dedicated to its mission of providing delicious, high-quality bread products that resonate with Filipino consumers. With each loaf, Marby continues to weave a narrative of tradition, flavor, and community, inviting bread lovers across the nation to experience the taste of Filipino heritage.

For more information about Marby and its range of 100% locally crafted products, visit Marby Philippines on Facebook and @marbyofficialpage on Instagram. 


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