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Crafting timeless melodies

Dindo Fernandez, a new balladeer, stands out with his unique music and heartfelt performances, captivating audiences with his melodious voice and emotional commitment to his songs.

Fernandez credits his church choir experience for inspiring his dream of becoming a performer. Singing in church is his way of expressing gratitude and praising God with all his heart and soul. The rigorous training and rehearsals in the choir helped him discover his special talents in singing and songwriting.

Two of Fernandez’s original songs, “Akala Ko” and “Makinig Ka,” can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and other platforms. These songs have garnered positive feedback and a growing fanbase since their release during the pandemic. This success motivates Fernandez to continue pursuing his career in performance and songwriting.

He shares that he’s most inspired to create music when he’s relaxed and feeling great. His goal is for his audience to be inspired, motivated, and find meaning in the stories and wisdom conveyed through his lyrics.

Fernandez admits that as a singer and performer, he faced numerous challenges as a singer and performer, which ultimately contributed to his growth as an artist and individual.

“It was hard to find a team that would guide me and take good care of me in my musical journey,” Fernandez comes clean. “You know, there were some people I wish I had talked to and asked for their advice and support. But, I just did not have the means or access to them, to get their attention and precious time.”

He adds, “Perhaps if I hadn’t gone through what I did, I might not have been this driven and passionate. The wandering and wandering phase made me more courageous to explore, discover, and be humble. Eventually, my perseverance paid off.”

Rising balladeer Dindo Fernandez

In 2022, he got a nomination nod from the ALWI Awards as “Best Male Performance in a Concert” and “Best New Male Artist of the Year” and now, he is more gung ho than ever om showcasing his talents.

New balladeer Fernandez states: “I am dedicated to my craft and I believe that making more heartfelt ballads, letting people hear about the wonder and glory of love, my music will touch the lives, not only of music lovers and enthusiasts but for all. “

His singing idols are concert royalties Martin Nievera, Gary Valenciano Michael Pangilinan, and the international musical sensation Boyz 2 Men.

So, what happens now with his musical quest? Dindo Fernandez’s rejoinder: “Surely, I will sing and compose more songs that in time, will be considered classics. I am also giving a novel spin to local and global hit songs music, and of course, concerts so that my public and new believers hear and watch me perform.”

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