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The Voice of Ryan Gallagher

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American singer Ryan Gallagher is doing a one-night-only show at the Music Museum on Feb. 17. The concert, aptly titled The Voice of Ryan, marks Gallagher’s highly-anticipated debut in the Philippines, where he will showcase his exceptional talent, versatility as an artist, and his deep appreciation of Original Pinoy Music (OPM).

Gallagher, known for his outstanding performances and classical training, gained international acclaim as a fan favorite on The Voice USA Season 19. His rendition of “The Prayer” during the blind audition left a lasting impression, earning him a coveted spot on Kelly Clarkson’s team and captivating audiences worldwide.

As he gears up for his first solo concert in the Philippines, Gallagher acknowledges the challenges of interpreting OPM songs as a foreigner. In an interview with Manila Standard Entertainment, the 35-year-old classically-trained singer expressed admiration for the beautiful melodies of OPM, recognizing them as some of the most exquisite he has ever heard. 

Concert King Martin Nievera is one of the musicians accompanying Ryan

Despite the linguistic and cultural barriers, Gallagher embraces the opportunity to immerse himself in the rich musical heritage of the Philippines.

“Singing is telling a story, and I’m still learning that,” Gallagher shared. “There’s nothing relatable about it when people say, ‘Wow, he’s a great singer.’ But when I started singing ‘Isang Saglit,’ I was smiling, and it’s weird because it’s a sad song. So as a singer, you really have to figure out what you’re saying and enough to be able to tell the story. I’m learning that every day.”

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With the guidance of seasoned OPM artists like Ice Seguerra, who directs the show, Gallagher embraces the challenge of delving into unfamiliar musical territory. Seguerra, renowned for his musical expertise and keen artistic sensibilities, recognizes Gallagher’s potential to transcend boundaries and explore new dimensions of his talent.

Filipina Soprano Lara Maigue joins the roster of Ryan’s special guests

“I’ve always known him as a classical singer, but he has a lot of potential. With that voice, there’s a lot of things that he could do,” Seguerra remarked. “Why don’t we showcase that? He can do classical, which is amazing, but he can also do something now that’s so interesting apart from what we saw in The Voice. He’s so versatile.”

The Voice of Ryan promises to be a multifaceted journey through three captivating themes: “Classically Ryan,” “Ryan Reimagined,” and “Ryan Unplugged.” Backed by an ensemble of exceptional Filipino musicians and artists, including Concert King Martin Nievera, Filipina Soprano Lara Maigue, and Ice Seguerra, Gallagher promises to showcase his diverse musical influences and redefine his identity as an artist.

“I am more green in this industry. I’ve been invited to sing in private events, so it’s a whole different kind of animal for me,” Gallagher admitted. “But I’m up for the challenge. It’s about discovering the other side of me as an artist.”

Ice Seguerra is the director of the one-night-only concert

Presented by Katinko and sponsored by the Baron Method and Phillip’s Fine Jewelry, The Voice of Ryan is produced by Fire and Ice LIVE!

Tickets are now available at Ticketworld, offering audiences the opportunity to witness the captivating voice of a man who continues to redefine himself as a singer and musician.

Join Ryan Gallagher and special guests for an unforgettable night of music at the Music Museum on Feb. 17. For more information and updates, visit Fire and Ice PH on Facebook.

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