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Low survey score ‘uncomfortable’ truth—VP Sara

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Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte on Wednesday called for a collective action to address what she called an “uncomfortable truth” about the low scores of Filipino students in a foreign survey.

Results from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2022 showed that Filipino students aged 15 continued to lag in math, reading and science compared with those of other countries.

“This is a call to action, a call to our collective responsibility as a nation,” Duterte said in a statement.

“We need every stakeholder to join us in this journey moving forward. We may approach the solution differently, but we all agree on the destination.

Everyone’s efforts are counted and everyone is accountable for our children’s future,” she added.

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Duterte said the DepEd was now taking “significant strides forward” to address learning issues among Filipino children.

She cited the “Matatag Curriculum” that revised the K-to-10 program with a focus on the literacy and math skills of students.

“I call on everyone to pull our efforts together for a more resilient Matatag education system, an education system that aims to improve learning outcomes, prioritize student and teacher well-being, and promote accountability to close remaining disparities,” she said.

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