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Environmentalist groups condemn River Wall project in Silang

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A group of pro-environment protesters and farmers marched from Nuestra Senora de Candelaria to Kaong-Sabutan Bridge in Silang, Cavite to express their condemnation of the ongoing River Revetment project in the Silang River and expressed their side to the Sabutan and Kaong Bridges on Tuesday.

The group asked to “stop the destruction of the Silang River, which destroys nature” and called for the support of fellow Silangeños of their movement.

Charmaine Fernandez, leader of the Aquila Group formed to fight against the concreting of Silang River, said: “We opposed the river revetment because it will cause water shortage here in the upland.”

Silang is a so-called recharge area, which is one of the watersheds of Cavite province, she said.

“They are cementing the river after removing the trees on the side of the river bank. We are one in supporting the opposition to this project,” Fernandez said.

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Recently, Silang Sagip Kalikasan (SSK) rallied along the Iba Bridge to call for a stop to the continuous cementing of rivers and cutting of trees in the town.

About a hundred Silangueños, from the Silang Citizen League, joined in requesting the local government to listen to their call for the protection of Silang’s rivers.

According to Juvy Medina, one of the organizers of the Silang Citizen League, if the industrialization project continues, it will affect not only Silang’s water supply but also neighboring towns that depend on it.

“They kill the trees and if they stay, our clean springs will weaken and flood Silang,” said Medina.

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