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Socially conscious and stylishly trendy bags

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Consumers of this generation are known to prefer products and services from socially responsible businesses. Globally, 66 percent of purchasers are willing to spend more on a product from a sustainable brand, according to Nielson’s Global Corporate Sustainability Report in 2015. 

This is why many companies step up in promoting sustainable developments to attract conscious shoppers with purchasing power. 

One of the rising fashion brands practicing sustainable and ethical manufacturing methods is Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger (M.R.K.T.), a bags and accessories label. 

Each product of M.R.K.T. is made of premium eco-friendly and sustainable materials that are extremely durable and functional without compromising aesthetic appeal. The Los Angeles-based label innovated excellent alternatives to several animal dependent materials being used in manufacturing bags; its signature materials include vegn leather, smrt felt, supr felt, thrmo resin, mcro suede, and mcro leather. 

Lifestyle blogger David Guison with his M.R.K.T. bag 

And aside from bringing forth a distinctive combination of ground breaking design and functionality that focuses on social consciousness, M.R.K.T. also introduces a three-way approach to aesthetics: architectural inspiration, distinctive patterns, and vibrant colors. 

For lifestyle blogger David Guison, M.R.K.T. bags’s utilitarian feel sets them apart from other bags in the market. The style is young and current but not loud or intimidating. 

Perhaps this can be the reason why many of the millennial followers of Guison loves it when he uses the bags. “I get so many compliments when they see me using the bags, [and] I love how [the bags] are so different and versatile. The type of material they use will remind you of beautiful architectures,” he shares.

Since M.R.K.T. perceives trendiness not as a mere sign of the times, the brand is anchored on visionary concepts that present an intelligent sense of urban design. 

Speaking of trendiness, the influx of Filipinos traveling across cities and countries has further increased the demand for handbags to carry all their essentials. 

“It’s always tricky when choosing the right bag to bring for a trip, because you want it to carry all your essentials; and, of course, you want it to look good,” says Guison. “I personally go for structured bags because they go with almost any look.”

In addition to them being stylish and environment-friendly, M.R.K.T. bags are water resistant—a truly vital feature for something that your bring around to carry your important items—thanks to supr felt, a material made of melted surface fibers, created in the M.R.K.T. design lab. 

M.R.K.T. Bags are available at Bratpack and The Travel Club stores nationwide.  


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