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Breaking taboos and embracing menstrual health

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For many women, menstruation is a recurring monthly event that brings about a plethora of inconveniences. Cramps, mood fluctuations, and the constant anxiety of leaks are just a few of the challenges women face. As if that weren’t enough, there’s also the concern of “kapos” moments.

Kapos pads are those that simply don’t do the job. They’re short, they’re thin, and they often lead to leaks. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you’re trying to live your life and go about your day.

Just like any other ladies in her generation, actress and pop singer Maymay Entrata also experienced and wasn’t immune to this kind of kapos moments either.

And as she created her own path of becoming a pop star, the “Amakabogera” singer marked a new milestone in her career as she embarked on a new journey of promoting women empowerment and breaking taboos about menstrual health.

Part of her movement was being introduced as the newest face of Whisper’s latest product, Long Protect pads.

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“To be part of the Whisper family is a huge blessing for me. I feel very welcome in this family. They mentioned that they waited for me [to sign with them],” shared Maymay.

“To be able to become a part of the family and to represent its newest product, Whisper Long Protect, I was just so happy. This newest product has the best quality. It is not just because of its long pad but also affordable—which we, women, look for in our pads,” she added.

Maymay shared how she used to feel insecure about using kapos pads, which often led to unwanted leaks. She was always worried about having stains on her pants that made her feel anxious and self-conscious.

But with her newly discovered sanitary pad, Maymay shared how she could go about her day without having to worry about leaks.

“I tried using it myself. Na-experience ko mismo na hindi ako kinapos and as a performer, of course, hindi dapat tayo kakapusin or tatagusin because it could limit our movements. With this new product, I keep going with whatever I do,” Maymay continued.

Finding the right pad is important for all women, but it’s especially crucial for active women like Maymay. With the new Whisper Long Protect pad, Maymay can feel confident that she’s protected, no matter what she’s doing.

More than just doing its job to prevent leaks and stains, the young singer also shared what she loves about the brand.

“It is very inspirational. It’s not just a product; it has a message that it wants to tell everyone, which is to normalize talking about menstruation and menstrual health,” explained the 26-year-old star.

Just like the brand, Maymay also wants to use her platform to promote self-love and empowerment.

“I started choosing projects that would have an impact on young people, especially those who follow me. I really want to use my platform to empower people, inspire them, and help them accept their flaws and their beauty,” she explained.

Currently, the Kapamilya artist is focusing on her music career and shared that this is something she really loves doing.

“I am extremely grateful because singing is really one of my passions, and it’s something I have focused on for years. I invested in learning more about my craft because I’m not really a singer,” said Maymay.

“This year, I felt a sense of trust from people that I could perform not just here in the Philippines, but also in other countries, which is a huge achievement. It feels like all the effort and hard work I put into learning my craft paid off,” she ended.

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