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A taste of inclusivity

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The Farm’s vegan restaurant redefines culinary diversity, achieves Halal certification

The Farm at San Benito sets the stage for a delightful culinary journey, marking the advent of the festive season with a sensory-rich experience that blends gourmet creations with holistic wellness. 

Guided by the visionary Chef  Marie  Pagcaliwagan, The Farm introduces a palette of culinary delights catering to both adults and children alike. As part of its commitment to overall well-being, the resort is set to unveil the “Unplug and Play” campaign under its Digital Detox initiative, encompassing its in-house restaurants Alive, Prana, and  Pesce, with dedicated Kids menus.  

The Farm’s culinary delights go beyond sustenance, celebrating freshness from organic fields, uplifting spirits, and nurturing the soul. 

The Halal certification for Alive! underscores the resort’s dedication to embracing diverse dietary needs, welcoming the Muslim community with open arms.

Alive! recognized for its delectable plant-based cuisine, has become a sanctuary for health-conscious individuals seeking vegan dining options. 

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With Halal certification, The Farm extends its hospitality to the Muslim community, ensuring adherence to Islamic dietary guidelines and instilling confidence in the culinary experience. 

More than a sanctuary, The Farm is dedicated to providing a holistic environment where guests find rejuvenation not only for their bodies but also for their spirits and cultural sensitivities.

For more information, visit or contact The Farm directly at (+632) 884-8074, (+63) 918 884-8080, or through email at or

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