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Paliwan Bridge in Antique reopens to motorists after Typhoon Paeng’s wrath

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The Paliwan Bridge in Bugasong, Antique is now accessible to motorists nearly two years after sustaining severe damage in the wake of Typhoon Paeng in 2002, which affected local economy and mobility of its people.

The bridge officially reopened last Thursday, June 6, after a series of extensive repairs. The restoration of this critical transportation link is now providing much-needed relief to the local community.

The 25-meter-long bridge was destroyed on October 29, 2022 when Typhoon Paeng wreaked havoc across the province. The damage severed a vital route used by residents for traveling to Lauan and transporting goods, thus significantly impacting the local economy and daily life.

In the immediate aftermath of the typhoon, President Marcos inspected the site. During his visit, he assured Antique Gov. Rhodora Cadiao that the national government would allocate the necessary budget to expedite the bridge’s reconstruction and restore its functionality for public use.

Cadiao thanked the President for his swift action. “This much-anticipated project brings relief to the traveling public, especially as the rainy season begins,” she said, emphasizing the bridge’s importance in facilitating the movement of people and goods in and out of the affected areas.

The repair work, which included strengthening the structure and adding new spans to increase its durability, cost approximately P17 million. Funding was provided through the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Western Visayas’ quick response fund.

Cadiao also announced in a Facebook post that construction of a parallel bridge is underway to further improve traffic flow and ensure the longevity of the transportation infrastructure in the region.

The new bridge, expected to be completed by April 2025, has been allocated a total budget of P300 million from the General Appropriations Act (GAA).

“The parallel bridge is currently under construction and is expected to be completed by April 2025. This project aims to enhance traffic flow and address the aging infrastructure,” Cadiao noted.

The reopening of the Paliwan Bridge is a significant milestone in Antique’s recovery efforts, symbolizing resilience and progress in the wake of natural calamities.

The bridge’s reopening is expected to significantly improve the daily commute of residents and facilitate the movement of goods, boosting the local economy.


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