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TWICE fancies halo-halo, Filipino snacks

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K-pop girl group TWICE has bared which Filipino food cravings and go-to snacks they want to try “more and more” of.

During the recently held TWICE x Oishi Snacktacular Press Conference, the nine-piece group confirmed that among the offerings of their partner snack brand, the standout was none other than Miggos.

This is Oishi’s thin traditional style tortilla chips in sweet corn flavor, which was specifically endorsed by the “corny corny” sub-unit consisting of members Jeongyeon and Dahyun..

Filipino fans were in for a treat during the TWICE x Oishi Snacktacular press conference

According to Nayeon, as translated by the on-ground translator: “Their (TWICE’s) favorite is actually really Miggos. So even though they were in Korea, they were asking for more stocks of these Miggos for them to try more.”

“When they came here in the Philippines yesterday, they were able to try some new products or new crackers and new snacks of Oishi. They really love the delicious crackers of Oishi.”

Sana then revealed that when they were departing for Manila, Jeongyeon even distributed Miggos to Korean media, who described the snack as “so delicious.”

As for their favorite Filipino food, Jihyo revealed that they weren’t able to try local cuisine yet. However, she personally wants to try the crushed-ice dessert of halo-halo, which reminds her of the Korean shaved-ice dessert known as bingsu.


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