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OX reveals 3 key air-conditioner checks before calling a technician

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OX Air Conditioner encourages home owners to be proactive in maintaining their air conditioning units to ensure optimal performance.

Raymond Lim, owner of OX, listed three common reasons why the air-conditioning unit might not be cooling. “There’s no need to panic if your aircon is blowing warm air. Before calling your technician, it helps to know these issues so you can better inform them of the problem,” said Lim.

He said sometimes, the problem lies in the remote control or thermostat not working correctly, leading to inconsistent cooling from the aircon.

When setting the remote to ‘cool’ or adjusting the temperature, the unit may not respond properly. This could be due to prolonged hardware errors, needing battery replacement or long-term issues that haven’t been addressed immediately.

Located at the front of air conditioning units, air filters can accumulate dust and debris over time, reducing airflow and causing the unit to cool more slowly. A visual inspection can reveal this issue; a filter that used to be white might look dirty gray. Regular cleaning with a brush or periodic replacement can significantly improve the performance of your unit.

If the aircon is still not cooling effectively, it might be due to low refrigerant levels. If the air coming out of the unit is warm or strange noises occur, these are signs that the refrigerant level is incorrect and may need a refill.

“Now is the right time to check your aircon while the weather is unpredictable,” said Lim, “But if problems persist, it’s best to consult a professional.”


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