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Globe completes enhancements to SIM registration channels to combat fraud

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Globe Telecom Inc. said Monday it completed major improvements to its SIM registration channels aligned with the company’s commitment to protect customer identities and deter fraudulent activities.

Globe said in a statement the measures include implementing advanced encryption protocols to secure data transmitted during the registration process and introducing live photo capture technology to prevent the use of stock or pre-existing photos.

Globe said it continues to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to combat the submission of fraudulent documents.

This allows the matching of text entries on the SIM registration form with data on a SIM user’s uploaded ID, significantly reducing the chances of having fake or doctored documents pass through the system.

Globe said it also limited the number of ID submission retries to prevent random or repeated attempts to register with fictitious documents.

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Globe’s efforts extend beyond the initial registration process as the company has embarked on a comprehensive post-validation initiative, having already reviewed 11 million existing SIM records as part of its commitment to the success of the SIM Registration Act.

The move aims to ensure the integrity of Globe’s customer database, as it aims to complete the validation of the remaining 40 million records within the year. It has already completed validation of some 11 million registrations.

“We continue to invest in and enhance our tools to deliver a more secure and effective validation process to proactively deter and detect fraudsters. It’s a continuous journey for us to keep on protecting our customers,” said Globe consumer mobile business head Darius Delgado.

The SIM Registration Act mandates the registration of all SIMs to protect consumers from illegal activities such as scams, smishing, and other forms of mobile phone and online fraud.

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