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Fo Guan Shan Mabuhay Temple celebrates Buddha’s birthday

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Fo Guan Shan (FGS) Mabuhay Temple, led by Master Miaojing, celebrated the 2024 Buddha Bathing Ceremony on May 4 and 5 at the Lucky Chinatown Mall in Manila.

The event, jointly organized by the Buddha’s Light International Association (BLIA) chapters in Quezon City, San Juan, Greenhills and Makati, along with the Manila Youth Adult Division, attracted nearly 4,000 attendees over the course of two days.

Participants were provided with hand beads and candies as they experienced a sense of Dharma joy.

FGS Mabuhay Temple head Abbess Master Miaojing led the public to chant and pray for blessings.

The Buddha’s Birthday Prayer by FGS founder Master Hsing Yun was recited to pray for world peace, prosperity for the Philippines, social harmony and people’s happiness.

“Bathing of the Buddha purifies the body, speech and mind while eliminating greed, anger and ignorance. It increases wisdom and makes life meaningful,” BLIA president Kathy Lim said.

She encouraged everyone to practice the “Three Acts of Goodness” advocated by Master Hsing Yun: do good deeds, say good words think good thoughts.

Federation Of Filipino Chinese Chambers of Commerce & Industry Inc. (FFCCCII) vice president Victor Lim was also present during the event.

“In times of international turmoil, the Bathing of the Buddha ceremony serves as a vital means for individuals to cleanse their bodies and minds. Buddhism provides a pathway to eliminate ignorance and troubles, facilitating the attainment of wisdom,” Lim said.

Miaojing expressed gratitude towards business leaders and academic institutions for their enduring support in fostering cultural integration within the Chinese community.

“May the Budhha bless everyone and illuminate life with compassion and wisdom,” she said.

The ceremony concluded with song and dance performances by students from FGS Mabuhay Temple and FGS Guang Ming College.


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