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Michelle Dee silver finalist for Miss Universe’s ‘Voice of Change’, rocks pageant preliminary

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Philippines’ Michelle Marquez Dee is ‘snaking’ her way to the Miss Universe crown after being announced as one of the silver finalists for the Miss Universe 2023 Voice of Change video competition, the pageant’s newest segment.

The 28-year-old actress and model secured her spot alongside nine other delegates, including Angola, Brazil, Chile, Lebanon, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Africa, Ukraine, and Zimbabwe. The announcement took place during the pageant’s preliminaries on November 16. During the finals on November 18, three gold winners among the ten delegates will be named.

Before the announcement, Michelle confidently graced the Miss Universe stage in El Salvador during the swimsuit and evening gown segments. Wearing a fiery red Rubin Singer one-piece swimsuit, Michelle took the online world by storm with her fierce “snake walk”.

During the evening gown segment, the 28-year-old beauty queen looked heavenly in her shimmering green Mark Bumgarner gown, which she described on her Instagram as an “ode to my legacy and a gem to the country.”

Michelle surprised everyone, especially Filipinos, as she delivered a strong introduction, saying, “Michelle Marquez Dee, Filipinas!”

The next time people will see Michelle will be during the national costume competition, scheduled for tomorrow, November 17.

Michelle is currently in El Salvador, competing for the country’s fifth Miss Universe crown.”


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