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Nadine Lustre, box office queen

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In a recent press conference, Nadine Lustre was asked regarding the possibility that she will be crowned as the new Box-office Queen by the Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Awards due to the phenomenal success of her movie Deleter, which became the official top-grosser in the recently-concluded Metro Manila Film Festival. 

“Perhaps, I will just give an answer when it’s already there,” she averred. “At this point, I don’t want to expect.”

Talks are ripe that Viva is already preparing her next potboiler after Deleter. Does she feel any pressure that her next projects is expected to as highly successful?

Nadine Lustre

“Well, honestly, I’m not really that pressured. I guess, it’s more of excitement because at least now, there will be a variety of genres that can get presented to me.”

Nadine made it clear that doing horror thrillers doesn’t mean that she will no longer do rom-coms anymore.

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“At least, not now. Perhaps, in the future. I just finished a horror project. A thriller can be a good follow-up.” 

The dusky actress is happy that her previous legal tussle with her home studio is already ironed out. 

“Yes, it’s relieving that everything is okay between me and Viva. I think, having a misunderstanding is just normal for any family. I’m glad that we’ve passed that stage already and are back working together.  It’s good that this time around, they’re open to making projects that are out-of-the-box. There is variety. You have choices. At least, you’re not confined to doing just rom-coms. I’m really excited about the projects they will line up for me in the coming days!”

Nadine admitted her realization that it’s acting what she really wants to do or the career she really wants to excel in.

“I won’t deny that there are times when my passion for acting is waning because of getting burnt out. You get tired that you do the same things. That’s what I don’t like, especially when your health suffers. But I guess, the reason why I still continue is that I feel that there are still things I want to achieve in my craft. I still have lots of goals to fulfill. As I’ve mentioned earlier, it helps that at this point, I can do what I want and I can refuse projects which I don’t like to do,” she ended. 

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In a recent YouTube vlog, Liza Soberano revealed that she decided to move permanently to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in Hollywood.

“I’ve never officially announced that I’m moving to L.A. I made that decision because it is much easier to build my career if I am there because they are always, constantly, looking for, like, in-person meetings,” the 25-year-old actress said.

Liza Soberano

“It’s hard to book the job when you’re meeting people over Zoom. They can’t really tell what your personality is like or they can’t really see what you actually look like. My dream is to become a world-class actress,” Liza added saying that she wants to explore her music career.

This move means she is breaking away from her love team with real-life boyfriend Enrique Gil. 

“My goal is to become my own person because for so many years, I was in a love team, and that’s what I was mainly known for, or, like, I was attached to so many different brands.

I never was able to build up my own personal branding. I feel like this year and the next few years is all about figuring out what I really want do with my career and personally finding out what excites me or what fuels my passion,” Liza stated.

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