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Super Pop Con PH 2017 Amazes the Crowd with Spectacular Performances

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It was an amazing night for Filipino KPop fans as no less than seven popular KPop groups rocked the walls of the Mall of Asia Arena at the recent Super Pop Con PH 2017, presented by veteran KPop promoter All Access Productions. 

To say that the fans were, as they say, "shookt" is a bit of an understatement, as idol after idol claimed the Arena stage and slayed it.

Most of the groups had different concepts making it a great show to watch. You can clearly see how all the performers prepared immensely for the show, giving out excellent fan service by, among other things, showing off Filipino phrases they've learned.

Unlimited energy

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The show started with rookie group Pentagon with their song “Can You Feel It.” They hyped the audience up and showed unlimited amount of energy as they sang their title tracks and their ballad “Beautiful," which was produced by BTOB’s Ilhoon. The song features lyrics that showcased their love for their fans.  

On the other hand, BTOB rocked the house with a magnificent performance of “I’ll Be Your Man.” 

They were very excited to perform for their Filipino fans who were happy to see their idols again.  The group also dedicated their song “It’s Okay” to the victims of the recent earthquake that rocked Leyte. 

BTOB ended their set with their recent title track “Movie.”

Sexier side

VIXX clearly showed a more mature and sexier side to them as they performed “Shangri-La” using their signature black abanicos for a more aesthetic and ethereal performance.  

They also introduced themselves in Filipino, endearing themselves to everyone in the audience.  

VIXX closed out their segment with "Fantasy," which the group finally performed as a whole (the last time they were here, member Leo was absent due to injury.)

B1A4, one of the groups we personally were looking forward to, performed their latest title track, “A Lie,” for the first time in the country.  They also performed hits from their song catalogue like “What’s Happening,” “Lonely,” and "Baby Good Night." Everyone in the audience was so hyped they screamed-sang along. 

B1A4 ended their set with “Good Timing” a song that got the audience on its feet, as the members danced with it.

Back home

Next up was Kriesha Chu and it amazed everyone how professional she performed despite just debuting just a few months ago.  

Kriesha, who placed runner up in the recent KPop Star 6, is a Chinese Filipino from Cebu who is trying her luck in KPop (and apparently doing well). 

Her catchy debut song, "Trouble” had everyone bopping along, especially during the dance break, which showcased her gracefulness and charm.  

One of the highlights of the night was when she sang Sarah Geronimo’s “Kung Ako Nalang Sana,” making everyone in the audience cheer loudly as she sang the song perfectly.

B.I.G. (Boys In Groove), a new group from GH entertainment, made a lot of the people in the audience new fans with their enthusiastic performances.  They were funny and entertaining as everyone laughed at their antics on stage.  They performed their debut track, "Hello” and other songs in their arsenal like “Aphrodite,” “1,2,3,” and their recent single “Hi Hello.”

Jamming to B.A.P.

Last but not the least, B.A.P kept everyone’s energy up as they performed their hit tracks to end the night.  

"That’s My Jam” made everyone get up on their feet as well as songs “Oneshot,” “No Mercy,” and “Carnival.”  

They ended the whole show with “Wake Me Up” leaving everyone in good spirits.

Side notes

Before the concert, All Access Productions held a press conference for all the groups performing later that night (probably the only major KPop promoter to consistently do so). 

It was great to meet the groups and hear their thoughts on performing for their Filipino fans.

B1A4 was the first to come out and the five-member boy group showed genuine excitement to perform again for their Filipino fans. They also described their BANAs (the fandom name) as love, sun, dream, tree and dried mangoes because of how sweet and supportive they all are for them. 

Leader Jinyoung announced they are preparing to comeback this year so the group hopes that the fans will anticipate that.  

VIXX also expressed their gratitude over the warm welcome they always receive from the fans whenever they come to the Philippines. They talked about their new album and their title track "Shangri-la," which shows off their sexiness with its fantasy-like concept. Hyuk and Ken even showed off the Filipino phrases they've learned, ending their time with the media by saying "Hanggang sa muli" and "Mahal ko kayo."

BTOB was also back in Manila and were absolutely excited to be with their MELODYs again. They prepared to perform “Movie,” their latest title track for the first time in the Philippines. The group also talked about having a solo concert here in Manila since the fans have been requesting one all over social media. 

Peniel, in behalf of the group, sent his thoughts and prayers to the victims of the recent earthquake.

It was Pentagon's second time in the Philippines and they were happy to come back as fans anticipated their performance.  The 10-member group was excited to perform their title songs with their stable vocals and synchronized choreography.

Kriesha Chu was incredibly sweet and charming as she talked about performing in her own country. The idol, born in Makati and raised in Cebu, prepared a special song for all of her Filipino fans. She talked about her debut album with her title track "Trouble" produced by Highlight's Junhyung.

B.I.G was next and their energy made everyone more hyped for the concert. They talked about their guest appearance on Showtime and Benji (the resident English speaking member of the group) even sent a message to Vice Ganda asking  the host to give them a call to hang out and party. The group also announced how this is their first time coming to the country yet they feel incredibly welcomed because of the fans. They are set to return to Manila on September 2 as part of their Asian tour.

Last for the press conference was B.A.P. They finally came back as a full group in Manila with their leader, Bang Yongguk back from his break. The group also talked about how their music evolved as their latest album,” Rose,” features a more mature sound than ever before.

We want you back

Overall, Super Pop Con PH 2017 was a successful festival filled with talented performers that made everyone dance and have fun for the night.  Hopefully, all the idols who participated in the concert will come back to the Philippines and deliver awesome stages once again.

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