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Etaily launches AI-Powered Review Management Tool

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Etaily’s cutting-edge AI-powered Custom Reply Tool is revolutionizing customer service since its deployment in September of last year.

This tool leverages OpenAI’s GPT models to automate responses to customer reviews, significantly reducing manual effort and enhancing efficiency.

The product will be available to its customers across Singapore and the Philippines and is part of Etaily’s suite of digital commerce managed services. 

Handling the e-commerce operations of more than 70 global brands in the lifestyle and FMCG categories, the tool helps Etaily’s brands to handle large volumes of product reviews in online marketplaces, ultimately reducing manual efforts to 0. 

Etaily’s Custom Reply Tool uses generative AI to analyze review context and generate personalized responses.

By training the tool with historical data, it ensures consistency in customer communication.

It focusses on Smarter Responses as it combines generative AI with a vast and ever-growing FAQ knowledge base to handle simple queries.

For more complex questions, it utilizes natural language processing to grasp the customer’s needs before providing helpful solutions.

Since its deployment, the tool has processed 500,000 reviews, saving significant productive hours in just six months.

Etaily CEO, Alexander Friedhoff, commented, “We’re excited about the incredible feat our AI-powered tool is making. This innovation is a clear reflection of our commitment to scale. By automating our review responses, we’re not only improving our operations but also paving the way for sustained growth and enhanced client service.”

Chief Operating Officer, Tatiana Cziomer, added, “This AI-powered solution has vastly improved our team’s productivity without sacrificing the quality of our service. The tool is able to provide personalized responses while the CS team then focuses on getting insights and driving actions based on the overall customer sentiments.”

AI-features are part of etaily Clarity

The AI-Powered Review Management Tool is part of etaily Clarity, which covers all aspects of e-commerce management, spanning content, order, fulfillment and warehousing management, logistics, performance marketing, and data analytics.

Through seamless integration to platforms such as Shopify, TikTok Shop, Lazada, Shopee, and Zalora, as well as advertising platforms like Facebook, Google, and TikTok, etaily delivers a cohesive and efficient solution for e-commerce businesses across all operational fronts.

Centralized Management Across e-commerce Channels

etaily Clarity maximizes opportunities by tapping on synergized data across your online stores from both e-commerce marketplaces and platforms – all in one place – enabling quick actionable insights to optimize sales through cross-channel analytics for sales and orders, master product management across online stores, in-marketplace ad management to optimize conversions through keyword and competitor analysis, CRM, inventory management, and inventory synchronization. 

Securing Funding and Expanding Reach

etaily recently secured a $17.8-million USD Series A funding round, aimed at scaling its end-to-end e-commerce entry platform for brands.

This funding is poised to fuel the company’s efforts to enhance consumer and merchant engagement across Southeast Asia. Headquartered in the Philippines, Etaily recently expanded its operations to Singapore. 

Founded in 2020 by Alexander Friedhoff, etaily is committed to empowering global consumer brands through its end-to-end e-commerce operating system.

With a track record of processing over 30 million orders and effectively managing the e-commerce operations of esteemed brands like Crocs, Samsung, and Skechers, among others, etaily continues to spearhead innovation in the digital commerce landscape.


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