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Exploring the riches of the 4th District of Batangas

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Representative Lianda Bolilia leads the charge in showcasing the vibrant Fourth District of Batangas, a region teeming with culture, industry, and natural wonders. From the exhilarating Batangas Racing Circuit to the bustling livestock markets of Padre Garcia, each corner of this district offers a unique glimpse into its rich heritage and promising future.

Rosario, Batangas: Where Racing Dreams Take Flight

At the core of the district lies the Batangas Racing Circuit (BRC), a 3.7-kilometer track that has become a hub for motorsports enthusiasts. Established in 1996, the BRC has nurtured the talents of local drivers and riders, propelling them onto the national and international stage. More than just a racetrack, the BRC serves as a safe haven for speed enthusiasts, providing a controlled environment for them to showcase their skills and passion for racing.

Padre Garcia, Batangas: The Livestock Hub

Padre Garcia, a vibrant municipality, is home to the largest Livestock Auction Market in the Philippines. What began as a modest cattle market in 1952 has evolved into a bustling center of commerce, attracting traders and buyers from far and wide. Every Friday, the town comes alive with the sights and sounds of the lively auction, a testament to its rich agricultural heritage. Through initiatives like the Kabakahan Festival, Rep. Lianda Bolilia has ensured that Padre Garcia remains a cornerstone of the nation’s livestock industry.

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San Jose, Batangas: The Egg Capital

San Jose in Batangas, known as the “Egg Basket of the Philippines,” boasts of a staggering daily egg production of about 7 million. The thriving industry in this first-class municipality traces its roots back to the late 1940s, with a recorded total of 7,038 layers. By 2020, the Philippine Statistics Authority estimated the total chicken egg production in the country at 150.29 thousand metric tons, with CALABARZON leading the quarter with 45.09 thousand metric tons. Batangas, home to approximately 30 million daily chicken eggs, sees San Jose as its primary contributor, with over 12 million layers and a production exceeding 705 metric tons per day.

The town’s annual World Egg Day celebration is a testament to its dedication to excellence in egg production, showcasing local delicacies and honoring the hard work of its poultry farmers. San Jose’s poultry industry fuels economic growth, creating jobs, boosting local revenues, and supplying a staple food for the nation. Recognizing its significance, RA 11707, authored by Rep. Lianda Bolilia, designates San Jose as the “Egg Basket of the Philippines,” honoring its industrious community and their contributions.

Ibaan, Batangas: Preserving Tradition through Weaving

In Ibaan, tradition meets innovation at the Habing Ibaan weaving center. Founded by the SM Sunrise Weaving Association, this community-driven initiative has revitalized the local weaving industry, transforming traditional kulambo blankets into modern textiles for blankets, face masks, and apparel. Situated in Sitio Margarita, hence SM, the association serves as a testament to the resilience and creativity of the local community.

San Juan, Batangas: Gateway to Paradise

As the southern gateway to Batangas, San Juan invites visitors with its pristine beaches and breathtaking landscapes. From the golden sands of Laiya to the tranquil coves of Barangay Pinagbayanan, San Juan offers a haven for travelers seeking relaxation and adventure. With strategic development plans in place, including the Tourism Master Plan, San Juan is poised to become a premier destination for eco-tourism and sustainable development.

Taysan, Batangas: Tinindag Festival

Taysan, a second-class municipality in Batangas’ Fourth District, is a vibrant hub of agri-industrial activity. Since 2018, the town has annually celebrated the Tinindag Festival, coinciding with Taysan’s founding anniversary on November 11. This weeklong event shines a spotlight on the town’s primary industry: barbeque sticks, locally known as “tindagan” highlighting Taysan’s rich tradition of bamboo craftsmanship.

From the adrenaline rush of the racetrack to the tranquility of its coastal shores, the Fourth District of Batangas offers a wealth of experiences that celebrate the vibrant spirit and enduring legacy of Batangueños. Under the leadership of Representative Lianda Bolilia, the district continues to thrive, embodying the ideals of progress and prosperity set forth by the Bagong Pilipinas initiative.

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