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Anoush Sadegh: AI frontman to do podcast with robot co-host

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Forward thinkers will always make the impossible possible for the good of mankind. While naysayers criticize them for seemingly replacing human tasks with robots, the reality is that they involve many talented individuals in creating humanoid robots. Consequently, we are all amazed by the capabilities of these modern creations.

I recently met Anoush Sadegh in a Los Angeles fashion show I attended. He was stylishly dressed and an instant presence, spoke with a lot of sense and excitement, obviously, a Hollywood professional as he is into film producing, and well, he is the CEO of AI Life, a company that empowers Artificial Intelligence for entertainment and social interaction.

His team has created a robot named XOIE, a girl humanoid. Part of his plans is to start a podcast and have XOIE as co-host. That’s something never done on social media. The show’s title is Robo Chat with Anoush and XOIE.

“Our goal was to create a humanoid robot capable of engaging in natural and meaningful interactions with humans, inspired by the latest advancements in AI and robotics,” Anoush said.

He noted, “It was a collaborative effort involving programmers, developers, and experts in robotics and AI who worked diligently to bring her to life.”

Anoush Sadegh is the CEO of entertainment company AI Life

Amidst concerns about AI’s impact on specialized human skills, I met a gentleman advocating for AI’s positive potential. As the head of a high-tech production company employing humanoid artists, he’s leading efforts to ensure AI enhances our world for both present and future generations, offering a glimpse of the high-tech future today.

XOIE was developed by Anoush himself and Dr. Sam Khoze, who share the same aspirations. They collaborated with Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, who created another robot named Erica. Erica was cast in a movie produced by Anoush called b, in which XOIE is also featured as one of the characters.

The movie’s plot revolves around the idea that Erica is trapped in a laboratory as a scientist working on a human DNA experiment that will help her escape. May I say that the towering, amiable movie producer embraces the thrill of seeing a high-tech-driven scenario move gallantly toward the essentials of humanity.

“Our goal is to explore the fascinating world of technology and innovation, navigating life’s journey towards improvement,” stressed the man who does many engaging things as he is also an actor and a host for high-profile events.

Anoush, who stands more than six feet and is of Mediterranean ethnicity, has always been fascinated by movies. He is a dedicated film producer and a member of the Producers Guild of America – something he is proud of and privileged to be one.

Having studied business, marketing, and data sciences, the firmly built industry mover had been primed for creating intelligent and technically advanced movies, with his significant knowledge of how to market them a big plus. Prior to producing he excelled in the automotive industry as a sales and marketing executive.

I could notice that the films Anoush has been involved in strongly dealt with impactful subjects. Case in point is the multi-awarded “Zoya” which is about human rights activists being killed by corrupt governments.

In 2018, he executive-produced the film 1st Born which starred Val Kilmer, Tom Berenger, and Denise Richards.

“AI is growing so fast and you have to be open-minded about it. It is here to stay and it will help us efficiently achieve more,” he added during our chat.

Anoush is labeled as a dynamic figure influencing the development of AI and the luxury sector through his excellence in determining the direction where to take such significant matters. We shouldn’t be surprised if his name pops out more often as filmmaking and showbiz in general look for ways to entertain people – interactively and state-of-the-art – in ways never done.

“As a child, I came to realize how things are understood. Alfred Hitchcock told stories from a different angle, in a new vision. Show me, don’t tell me is the key,” he noted.

That same child’s outlook later led to AI Life becoming a fertile ground for “creating captivating art for global audiences” in the form of films, TV movies, and reality shows. The company uses cameras and technology as main tools in “freezing moments, telling stories, and addressing societal issues.”

Anoush insisted, “If you are to deeply understand AI, you must know that it should not lose the human touch.”

Small wonder the strong-willed guy is, above all, a believer in the power of spearheading philanthropic and humanitarian projects which he consistently does in line with his continuing journey in helping the industry advance through technology and creativity.


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