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ABS-CBN’s next important star

ABS-CBN referred to  Andrea Brillantes  as its “Next Important Star,” given the substantial and substantial projects consistently entrusted to her. The question arises: Does this place pressure on her?

“Honestly, I don’t feel any pressure at all. I’m more focused on my work. I’m just enjoying and loving it,” Andrea asserts.

The young actress does not place much emphasis on the title. “I don’t really see myself that way, as the next big star. Of course, it’s nice to dream about it, especially if it really happens. But every time I have a project, I treat it as a blessing for me and my family”

As a breadwinner, Andrea views her job as her source of income. Therefore, she wants to refine her skills further and excel.

“If I don’t become the next big star, it’s not a significant concern for me. I believe that the Lord has other plans for me,” she explains.

For Andrea, what matters more is savoring her work and the camaraderie of her friends. “I’ve never been captivated by the idea that I must be the next big star. I simply aim to enhance my craft and continue working alongside my friends,” she affirms.

Kapamilya actress Andrea Brillantes


Actor  Paul Salas  is in a much happier relationship with his girlfriend,  Mikee Quintos,  compared to his past experiences. They’ve been together for two years and have managed to avoid serious misunderstandings.

Paul attributes this to their commitment to resolving issues promptly and not letting them fester.

Their relationship thrives on communication. They constantly discover new things about each other, acknowledging and addressing their flaws early on to promote growth.

“We don’t let the day pass without settling the issue. We don’t want to carry a heavy burden in our hearts for a long time. That’s what we do: help each other. I guess, that’s the key to our happy relationship,” Paul said.

Their similar ages contribute to their easygoing approach to disagreements, allowing them to communicate openly. Paul appreciates their ability to discuss their feelings, even when he gets jealous.

As for finding “The One,” Paul is open to the idea, but he believes in letting things unfold according to God’s plan. They’re not rushing into anything and are taking it one step at a time.

On settling down, Paul doesn’t see it happening anytime soon. Both he and Mikee are focused on their careers, and they prioritize their professional aspirations.

“I think it’s still early. If that happens, my mom would cry since according to her, I’m her favorite son. But seriously, Mikee and I are focused on our respective careers. It’s our priority,” ended Paul.

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