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Frolicking with Zelenskyy to Armageddon

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Many believe the US is preparing a ‘false flag’ to create the first Filipino ‘assertive transparency’ martyr

Ukraine proxy-dent Volodymyr Zelenskyy, no longer elected president after scheduled elections on April 24, 2024 was cancelled by Martial Law, practically reigns from his official jets avoiding long periods in the homeland he supposedly governs.

He is fearing retribution from dozens of Ukrainian quarters for a lingering war that’s already completely lost while 500,000 of the fittest young Ukrainian soldiers lie rotting in their early graves, courtesy of Russia’s war steamroller.

Just today, the US issued a Travel Advisory to its dual American-Ukrainian citizens to avoid returning to Ukraine as Zelenskyy had just issued the order to draft every dual citizen caught in Ukraine.

A week earlier, Zelenskyy ordered Ukrainian prison gates to release murderers, rapists and every other convicted criminal willing to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

A month earlier, conscription age had been brought down to 25, having already lost all 26 and 27-year-old AFU soldiers.

The US and its NATO vassals are in confusion over what to do.

Their populations are divided between yielding to peace talks and escalating the Ukraine proxy war.

US President Joe Biden has, after two years of wavering, finally authorized the use of its weaponry and missiles given to Zelenskyy for attacks on targets in the territory of Mother Russia that Putin responded with the warning Russia could provide the West’s enemies with “long-range weapons” and potential use of nuclear weapons.

Imagine Iran and Yemen’s Houthis equipped with Russian “long range” ballistic missiles that would equalize the US carrier fleets ready to bombard Iran with cruise missiles in support of an Israeli expansion of the war in Gaza to Lebanon and drawing in Iran.

On NATO, Russian military and political spokesmen have openly imagined the obliteration of Poland with 40 multi-kiloton nuclear warhead, if missiles hitting Russia were launched from that country.

While the US exhibits seeming hesitation in its escalatory actions, reality shows the US systematically creating the conditions for World War III.

It has always been taken for granted such scenario is beyond any rationale consideration, that just the threat of Armageddon would curtail any will to pursue it.

But the dread of the impending US-financed Armageddon seems stronger than fear of nuclear mutual annihilation.

Evidence of this is the US executing its “Pivot to Asia” after the delay of the 2010s, expanding the proxy wars projects to Asia using the Philippines’ as Ukraine 2.0.

Last week, Ukraine 1.0 and Ukraine 2.0 finally converged in the London-based IISS sponsored Shangri-La Dialogue where the two outstanding US proxies, Zelenskyy and Bongbong Marcos, spoke.

The two later met in Manila discussing Ukraine’s hollow peace summit and, poignantly, mental health aid.

The last effort the Philippines made to stay out of the US drive to global Armageddon was the “easing of tensions” broached by Bongbong Marcos, Jr. to President Xi Jinping at the sidelines of the Nov. 2023 San Francisco APEC Summit the ill-fated Filipino Vice Admiral Alberto Carlos of the Wescom “tried to operationalize” but the US caused him to be fired and humiliated.

But Marcos Jr. is given a circus arena again to somersault and juggle, then Shangri-La Singapore and now Switzerland.

In the South China Sea, tension is again on the rise.

The Chinese Coast Guard inspected for “construction materials” the air-dropped supplies for the BRP Sierra Madre, in accordance with the agreement with the Philippine government prohibiting their delivery to the grounded warship.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines alleged the CCG “seized and dumped into the sea,” and Philippine Marines on board BRP Sierra Madre train (sic) (if not ”aim”) long arms at the civilian Chinese Coast Guard.

However, upon confirmation, only food, water and medicines were in the airdropped package that was eventually cleared. What a petty mess that can lead to a conflagration!

Many believe the US is preparing a “false flag” to create the first Filipino “assertive transparency” martyr, taking the cue from the constant repetition of US and Filipino officials led by then US Indo-Pacific Command chief Admiral John Aquilino that “PH can invoke MDT (Mutual Defense Treaty) if sea attacks kill soldier, sailor” then echoed by Bongbong Marcos, Jr. at the Shangri-La Dialogue. (


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