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Collective siesta promotes right to sleep in Mexico

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In one of Mexico City’s busiest neighborhoods, about 200 people took a collective nap in the middle of the street to celebrate World Sleep Day.

Lying in the heat on synthetic mats, their necks resting on pillows and their eyes covered by masks, participants tuned out the chaos of Mexico’s capital as part of what organizers described as “a peaceful demonstration for the right to sleep.”

“The idea is that sleeping well, or having this event attract attention, can help launch new public policies” to promote rest, said Guadalupe Teran, a doctor with the Center for Sleep and Neuroscience, which organized the event with the Mexican government.

“We have long working days, but there are no spaces at workplaces to guarantee the time for a siesta,” she said.

Thanks to a guided meditation session, some nap participants sank into a deep sleep while others at least managed to relax for a moment.

“Sleeping and resting well is very good for mindfulness. I need to do it more, but I think this dynamic is very cool, it encourages rest,” said Alexia Gonzalez, a 24-year-old psychotherapist from the central state of Morelos, who was visiting the capital.

Another napper, retiree Victor Sanchez from southern Mexico City, said he was interested in professional advice on how to get a good night’s sleep.

“It’s a bit far, but I had to come because it’s important to me,” the 64-year-old said.


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