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Strong for life 

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​Build strength, recover faster with personalized training for a healthier and stronger you

In recent years, many people have been prioritizing their health and wellness. From regularly incorporating exercise into their daily activities to monitoring their calorie intake at every meal, people are becoming more conscious of their overall health and are determined to lead healthier and more active lifestyles.

Luxury boutique gym Kinetix+ aims to foster this growing community of health-conscious individuals through its gym offerings, which are specially catered to building and enhancing one’s strength based on their physical fitness needs and goals.

“Building and enhancing strength is a challenging endeavor, which is why we have strived to make this experience as pleasant as possible,” said Kinetix+ Sales Associate Sheila Marie Hau.

Kinetix+ boasts a spacious gym area with a captivating view of the city, offering state-of-the-art gym equipment, bespoke dumbbells, barbell plates, and AI-powered BioStrength line machines to its members. It also houses a team of skilled coaches who can help craft personalized and comprehensive training programs alongside physical therapists and nutritionists, based on a client’s specific goals and current physical condition.

The gym features AI-powered BioStrength line machines which adjust its programs according to a user’s needs and capabilities

While the personalized programs determine the types of exercises and machines a client will need to utilize to meet their physical goals, they also include a designated part for recovery, which is a vital aspect of one’s daily workout.

The recovery aspect of the program addresses the aches and pains of clients, such as delayed onset muscle soreness after a workout. Kinetix+ physiotherapists offer a variety of modalities and methods like dry needling, manual therapy, and rehabilitative exercises, all geared towards the post-workout recovery needs of clients.

The gym’s recovery lounge also features modalities such as red light therapy, compression boots, and massage guns, which are free for members to use to recover faster after their workouts.

The recovery lounge’s compression boots help in ensuring faster recovery after a workout

The personalized programs also include a specific diet prepared by in-house nutritionists, taking into account not only the food necessary to support each client’s workout but also their current eating habits. This ensures that the diet is tailored to fit the individual, not the other way around.

To promote its Strong for Life campaign, Kinetix+ offers a variety of membership packages such as Active Aging, Corporate Wellness, Muscle Forging, and Fit for a Queen. These all include a range of sessions for coaching, recovery, stretching, and nutrition guidance.

Kinetix+ boasts a spacious fitness space with various facilities

Kinetix+ is located at Level 3, Shops at Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati.


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