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Home is where Spanish flavors flourish

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The distinct flavors of Spain have found a new home in the Philippines, thanks to Chef Amado Garcia Fernandez and his award-winning restaurant, Manduca Taberna.

The dining place recently became the first in the Philippines to receive the prestigious Restaurants from Spain Certification from the Spanish government, proof of Chef Amado’s commitment to preserving the authenticity of Spanish cuisine.

Last March, a grand celebration took place at Manduca Taberna’s newly opened One Ayala branch. Silvia Torices de la Varga, representing the Spanish Embassy, presented the award to Chef Amado and his team. This recognition solidified Manduca Taberna’s position as a culinary ambassador, bridging the gastronomic gap between Spain and the Philippines.

De la Varga emphasized the meticulous evaluation process involved in the certification, stating, “They go through a very careful supervision in which we check the purity of the products used in the restaurant, the recipes, the idea, the concept to make sure that the experience of Spain that you are looking for is provided here.”

Overwhelmed with pride, Chef Amado expressed his gratitude and commitment to upholding the standards of Spanish cuisine, saying, “We’re very proud of Manduca Taberna for being the first restaurant in the Philippines to receive the Silver Seal certification. Our team will continue to do our best to deliver authentic Spanish dining experiences to the country.”

Chef Amado made a mark in October 2021 when he founded Manduca Taberna with the vision of reintroducing traditional Spanish food to Filipinos. His passion for authentic flavors stems from well-loved and kept family recipes and the use of fresh, simple, and high-quality ingredients sourced directly from Spain. He aims to create a “Manduca experience” where guests can savor the essence of Spanish culinary heritage at reasonable prices.

“I want to reintroduce the traditional Spanish food to the Filipinos, really going back to the roots of the Spanish cuisine,” Chef Amado declared. This commitment to culinary authenticity is evident in every dish served at Manduca Taberna, from classic tapas to hearty paellas.

The Restaurants from Spain certification program, an initiative by the Spanish government, recognizes establishments worldwide that champion authentic Spanish cuisine and products. Manduca Taberna’s achievement in securing this certification not only elevates the restaurant’s status but also reinforces its role in promoting Spanish culinary culture in the Philippines.

Chef Amado Garcia Fernandez’s Manduca Taberna is the first restaurant in the country to receive the Restaurants from Spain certification from the Spanish government

With two branches flourishing in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, and One Ayala, Makati, Manduca Taberna continues to tickle the palates of enthusiasts seeking genuine Spanish flavors.

Chef Amado is instrumental in preserving culinary traditions and fueling Filipinos’ growing food passion.


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