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Lyn Ching’s secret to longevity

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How the broadcast journalist combines happiness, self-care, and positivity

GMA Network’s Lyn Ching has been a broadcast journalist since 1994. She has been onscreen for 30 years now and has hosted several shows, including the now iconic early morning news magazine program Unang Hirit.

For three decades, Lyn has interviewed numerous stars and personalities. Despite the industry’s constant evolution, she has not only maintained her youthful appearance but also flourished. So, what’s Lyn’s secret? Lyn stays happy, takes good care of herself, and always finds something good in every situation.

When asked how she lasted this long in a cutthroat industry, Lyn said, “I think it’s patience. You won’t get everything that you want every time. So just, choose your battles. Just find happiness in every moment. For that interview, what made you happy? For this moment with a friend, what made you happy? Find what makes you happy in every moment.”

“Find the positive in every negative. That’s what I always tell my kids. There’s always something positive. Find that. You’ll be happy,” Lyn said with confidence.

In her fifties, Lyn looks radiant and happy. Her youthful glow is evident. “I’m fifty years old. So, I think the secret to being happy: If you’re satisfied with your life, you’ll be happy. It comes from within,” Lyn reflected.

This inner happiness radiates outward, evident in her vibrant personality and infectious smile. But she doesn’t rely on happiness alone. She understands the importance of nurturing her body and mind.

Lyn Ching currently serves as one of the hosts of GMA Network’s ‘Unang Hirit’

Lyn’s self-care regimen is simple but multifaceted. She prioritizes exercise, hitting the gym three times a week, walking regularly, and even practicing pilates. “I exercise a lot. Too much,” she admitted with a chuckle.

But it’s not just about physical fitness. Lyn also emphasized the importance of scalp and hair care. “I’ve been with Svenson for ten years. I have a lot of problems with my hair,” she revealed.

Lyn is talking about one of the leading hair loss treatment centers in the country. It was during the launch of a breakthrough treatment called NexoHair at Svenson’s West Avenue branch in Quezon City that I met and interviewed Lyn.

This dedication to hair health has not only helped her combat genetic hair loss but also instilled good habits in her daughter. “Even my daughter is already here. She’s nineteen and I took her to Svenson as well,” Lyn enthused. She shared in detail how the center helped her teenage daughter address all kinds of hair issues like dandruff.

Lyn’s commitment to self-care extends to her skincare routine. “Never leave the house without SPF. Slather on SPF. Never ever sleep and exercise with makeup on,” she advised. This simple yet effective approach, combined with drinking plenty of water and prioritizing sleep, has undoubtedly contributed to her radiant complexion. She also added the importance of moisturizing the skin, “Put on a lot of lotion on your body.”

Balancing act

While Lyn is dedicated to self-care, she doesn’t deprive herself of life’s pleasures. “I love food too much. I don’t really stop,” she confessed. She finds a balance between enjoying her favorite treats and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, experimenting with ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting.

Lyn understands the importance of enjoying the simple things, surrounding herself with positive people, and finding contentment in each moment. “Find what makes you happy in every moment,” she said for the nth time as a reminder.

When probed if there is still anything she wishes to pursue in life at this point of contentment and success, Lyn was quick to respond, “Is there anything I still want to do? Not really. Because on the side [aside from morning show hosting], I do travel vlogging now just because I love traveling. I also interview Hollywood stars, which I love.”

Lyn shared how she enjoys everything that’s being given to her. She explained, “I don’t shoot for the stars, not anymore, I’m past that stage. I’m just enjoying everything as they come. So the last interview I did was with Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling for the Fall Guy.” Giddily, she mentioned, “Just seeing his blonde hair, and beautiful eyes, made me happy. Like that! Just find what makes you happy and then just appreciate it for that moment.”

Lyn Ching believes in the importance of nurturing the mind and body

Happiness at home

Lyn’s positive outlook has not only benefited her career but also her family life. The strong foundation has created a happy and stable home environment, contributing to her overall well-being. She speaks lovingly of her husband and children, emphasizing the importance of partnership and mutual support.

“We’re partners in everything, first and foremost. Before the kids, it’s us. My husband and I, make things easier for each other. And I think my kids see that,” she explained.

“I always tell my daughter, even if you ask her, ‘I hope you find someone like Daddy.’ He’s a good man,” Lyn beamingly and reassuringly said.

Appreciating the smallest things seems to have blessed her immensely. Positivity is becoming Lyn Ching’s legacy, and her real secret to longevity.


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