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How morena beauty Jeraldine Blackman breaks the mold

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In the Philippines, beauty companies usually choose fair-skinned, mestiza-looking celebrities or models to represent their brands. This common practice limits the idea of beauty and overlooks the diverse features of many Filipinos.

But Rhea Anicoche Tan’s Beautéderm Corporation is pioneering a shift in this landscape by actively breaking these beauty stereotypes. Instead of adhering to conventional standards, Beautéderm is choosing ambassadors who reflect the everyday Filipina, considering a wider range of skin tones and beauty traits that resonate more authentically with the general population.

This inclusive approach not only challenges existing norms but also celebrates the natural beauty of morenas and other diverse Filipino looks. In other words, it promotes a healthier and more realistic standard of beauty.

Jeraldine Blackman rose to fame with her content on The Blackman Family Vlog

“She’s very relatable,” Tan said, alluding to her brand’s newest celebrity endorser, Jeraldine Blackman, the Filipina social media superstar known for her content on The Blackman Family Vlog.

Tan highlights Blackman’s relatability as a key reason for choosing her as an endorser. “And her morena skin is both healthy and radiant.”

“People often comment on her flawless, dewy skin, which she consistently shows barefaced in her content. That’s why we are here, we wanted to share her secret to beautiful skin that looks even better without makeup,” Tan said when she introduced Blackman to the media who visited her company headquarters in Angeles, Pampanga on Wednesday.

Tan explains that Blackman’s natural beauty aligns with Beautéderm’s focus on promoting healthy skin for all.

“I’m a big fan, even before she reached a million followers on social media, I was already following her. She’s natural and intelligent,” Tan said. “She doesn’t have a video that doesn’t reach millions of views.”

“Normally when we get endorsers, when people notice that the content is paid, engagement and views are lower than their ordinary posts. But with Jeraldine, even when there’s a product featured in her content, since people know that she really uses the product and trusts it, the views and engagement remain the same.”

From left: Beautéderm CEO Rhea Anicoche Tan, Jette, and Jeraldine Blackman

Tan, who started her beauty business in 2009, said that this collaboration, through Blackman’s global influence, will help the brand reach more global consumers.

“We’re both Ilocanas. We share the same love for family, and we both honor our roots. Jeraldine is an inspiration, especially to women. She’s authentic that’s why people love her,” Tan said.

“Jeraldine marks Beautéderm’s 15th anniversary. She’s the perfect influencer to do it. But it’s just the beginning. We will announce more surprises soon as part of this big milestone. We thank our consumers for their loyalty and support,” the skincare executive added.

Expressing her admiration for the business magnate, Blackman shared, “I really admire Ate Rhea as an entrepreneur. Look at her. She’s so successful yet so humble. I know her brand is well-loved here in the Philippines, and I am so excited to make content endorsing the three new products.”

“Ate Rhea contacted me and said she’s been following me for a long time already. I was very surprised. I had no idea that a well-known businesswoman knew me. We kind of like speak the same language. We’re both Ilocanas,” she added. 

Blackman revealed that she first discovered Beautéderm products through her cousin, who successfully treated severe acne using the brand’s skincare line.

Jeraldine Blackman’s relatability led to her becoming beauty brand Beautéderm’s newest ambassador

“I had a combination of dry and oily skin, and her products addressed it perfectly. However, when I initially used them, I didn’t realize they were from Ate Rhea,” Blackman explained, making it clear why it was an easy “yes” for her to endorse the brand.

The internet sensation is the official face of the newly launched three products: Cristaux Retinol Serum, Cristaux Zerum Hydra-Beauty, and Cristaux Vitamin C Serum. Available at Shopee, TikTok, Lazada, and Beautéderm stores nationwide.

Blackman, a former nurse, is married to Joshua Blackman, also a nurse. They launched the Blackman Family Vlog just three years ago.

They reside in Australia with their two children, Nimo and Jette. As a family of content creators, they have amassed a significant following on social media platforms, boasting 2.5 million followers on Instagram, 2.4 million followers on TikTok, 2.7 million followers on Facebook, and 394,000 subscribers on YouTube.


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