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Cebuano lawyer Oliver Moeller’s breakout moment

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Courtroom hottie

Cebuano lawyer Oliver Moeller, 32, has made an unexpected leap into showbiz following his viral appearance on the It’s Showtime segment “EXpecially For You.”

Moeller revealed that twelve years ago, Cornerstone founder Erickson Raymundo had already invited him to join the industry. However, Moeller’s priority at the time was his law studies.

Growing up, he shared having admired the lawyers he saw on television, the ones wearing black suits, not yet fully understanding what they went through to get to where they are.

Fast forward to today, he is not just a lawyer but an emerging influencer aiming to merge his legal, fitness, and sports advocacies with the entertainment world.

Moeller idolizes the late NBA player Kobe Bryant

During his official contract signing with Cornerstone Entertainment on April 24, Moeller expressed his enthusiasm about this new chapter.

“I’m super happy after deliberating with close friends and family, I’ve decided that Cornerstone is really the perfect partner for me,” he smiled.

He discussed his approach to content creation, recognizing the challenge of making law and entertainment relatable to a broad audience. Despite his initial focus on promoting fitness, sports, and education, he remains open to the possibility of acting or hosting.

When asked about joining It’s Showtime as a host or becoming a housemate in Pinoy Big Brother (PBB), he said, “Right now, I’m not sure if my time would allow me to do that. I’d like to be based in Cebu, with all my responsibilities there. Again, I don’t know; maybe in the future. But right now, probably not yet.”

The rising star is excited about potential collaborations with industry talents such as Kathryn Bernardo and Piolo Pascual, noting that some people have even commented on his resemblance to Pascual.

“From what I heard, I haven’t personally met them yet, but I’ve heard they’re amazing people. So, if I’m fortunate enough to get any sort of project with them or even to meet them, I’d be pretty happy,” he said.

Oliver Moeller rose to viral fame following his appearance in the ‘It’s Showtime’ segment

Although he’s been linked to actress-host Kim Chiu and beauty queen-actress Michelle Dee, Moeller remains single and focused on his career.

A key aspect of Moeller’s public persona is his array of tattoos, which carry deep personal significance. He explained, “Yeah, I’ll start first with my tattoo sleeve. It’s the god of the sea, Poseidon. This is a tribute to my father who’s a retired marine biologist.”

He also shared the ones, “I have shark jaw on my knee, two dinosaur skulls and skeletons on the right side of my calf because I used to grow up watching Jurassic Park, studying all about dinosaurs and stuff.  Right on my shin is a Visayan tribal tattoo because I grew up in Cebu. My mom’s Cebuana. And on the back is Kobe Bryant, who I grew up idolizing as a kid, and even until now.”

Some of Moeller’s content online shows his avid passion for fitness

Moeller greatly admires the late NBA player’s Mamba mentality, a philosophy described in Bryant’s book, Mamba Mentality (2018), which outlines how the basketball legend approached his career with passion, purpose, and relentless drive. Moeller embraces this mindset in his own life.

Balancing his new entertainment ventures with his existing responsibilities, Moeller remains committed to his work in Cebu.

“I still have responsibilities in my law firm, I’m still a full-time lawyer, I’m still helping manage our family business, and I have a lot of other responsibilities in Cebu. Right now, for the foreseeable future, I’ll still be based in Cebu,” he said.

Nevertheless, Moeller is open to new opportunities. “I don’t mind flying in and out of Manila if ever I’ll be fortunate enough to get projects. Weeks ago, who would have thought I’d be in this position now? Keeping my options open, keeping my doors open.”

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