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Experiencethe healing power of water

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Discover the therapeutic potential of water through the introduction of Grohe Spa in the Asia Pacific region. Launched at a prestigious event at the LIXIL Experience Center in Singapore, attended by industry partners, media, and guests, Grohe revealed its premium sub-brand committed to enhancing bathroom indulgence.

Water, often termed the elixir of life, possesses unique qualities that cleanse, invigorate, and heal. Grohe acknowledges water’s profound impact on well-being, transforming the bathroom from a utilitarian space into a personal haven for relaxation. 

Rooted in the Latin phrase Salus Per Aquam, meaning “Health Through Water,” Grohe Spa aims to curate exclusive products that facilitate immersive water rituals, transforming bathrooms into luxurious well-being sanctuaries.

Antoine Besseyre des Horts, Leader of LIXIL Global Design, Asia, emphasizes the inspiration behind Grohe Spa, stating, “Embracing the belief of water as the source of vital energy is the inspiration and guidance behind Grohe Spa.” 

The collections are crafted to the highest standards, offering personalization options for a tailored, all-encompassing bathroom experience.

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Grohe Spa installations embodying the “Health Through Water” concept can be explored at LIXIL Experience Centers in India, Indonesia, and Thailand. This innovative bathroom design approach allows for high customization, empowering users to express their individuality.

Satoshi Konagai, Leader of LIXIL Water Technology, APAC, highlights the personalized luxury offered by Grohe Spa, stating, “The GROHE SPA launch in APAC offers discerning homeowners and industry partners a personalized, differentiated luxury bathroom experience.” 

LIXIL Experience Centers will support bespoke Grohe Spa projects, featuring products like the multisensory Rainshower AQUA Ceiling Shower and exclusive 3D metal-printed masterpieces.

The GROHE SPA portfolio boasts diverse personalization options. Noteworthy features include customizable Grohe Spa Rainshower Aqua Ceiling Shower Modules and the Grohe Allure basin mixer with haptic feedback, enhancing the tangible connection to water. Collaboration with Caesarstone introduces authentic marble styles for faucet handles, expanding customization possibilities for creating personalized bathroom spaces.

Grohe Spa will be available across the APAC region at LIXIL Experience Centers and selected locations, offering a portfolio combining progressive design, sophisticated features, and various customization options for a truly unique and immersive bathroom experience. Visit for more details.

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