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Marketplace for affordable, high-quality farm-fresh produce

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If you’re looking to make a difference in your community while consuming fresh, affordable produce, consider buying from local farmers.

Buying directly from farmers supports the local economy, ensures that you’re getting the freshest possible produce, and helps to promote sustainable agriculture.

WalterMart’s Palengke Fresh makes it easy to support your community and eat healthy. By partnering with farmers and local governments, Palengke Fresh brings the best of local agriculture to your neighborhood. Palengke Fresh also supports sustainable economic growth by providing farmers with a direct route to market and fair prices for their products.

Empowering local farmers lies at the heart of their mission. They understand the vital role local farmers play in people’s daily lives, and by partnering with them, they ensure that customers have access to the freshest fruits, vegetables, and other farm products directly from the source. 

The Bagsakan program encourages shoppers to access farm fresh produce at the best prices on designated Bagsakan days at participating branches

This not only benefits families but also boosts the income of local farmers while promoting sustainable agriculture and economic growth. Their direct relationships with farmers make healthy, fresh food options budget-friendly, ensuring affordability without compromise.

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As  WalterMart’s Palengke Fresh connects farmers and consumers, it offers a range of innovative programs to benefit both groups. Two such initiatives are Bagsakan and All for 50.

Bagsakan is a program that offers discounts on a wide selection of fresh produce on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at participating branches. This allows shoppers to access fresh produce at the best prices, while directly benefiting local farmers and sellers.

All for 50, on the other hand, offers fresh produce deals in-store for only P50, ensuring that shoppers can access nutritious, locally sourced food without breaking their budget.

Waltermart’s Palengke Fresh is not just a marketplace but also a movement, strengthening the bond of agricultural groups of urban consumers and farmers

These programs create a win-win situation for both shoppers and farmers. Shoppers can access fresh produce at the best prices available, while farmers can earn more for their products.

With WalterMart’s Palengke Fresh, you have the power to make a difference. Here’s how you can make an impact and shop with purpose: 

1. Choose Local: Opt for local produce. By doing so, you’re not only getting fresher items but also supporting your community’s economic growth

2. Spread the Word: Tell your friends and family about Waltermart’s Palengke Fresh and its mission. Encourage them to join you in shopping consciously and supporting local farmers.

3. Become an Advocate: Engage with your local government units and urge them to support initiatives like Waltermart’s Palengke Fresh. Your voice can drive policy changes that benefit both farmers and consumers.

With this, Waltermart’s   Palengke Fresh isn’t just a marketplace; it’s a movement. For more updates, follow WalterMart Supermarket on Facebook:

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