Memorial park expandsdeath care service with pet crematorium

Golden Haven’s Pet Crematorium aims to provide individual cremation services for pets as a recognition of the deep bonds of love and attachment formed between owners and their furry companions

Golden Haven Memorial Park affirms its status as the country’s most trusted provider of death care services with the forthcoming launch of The Golden Haven Pet Crematorium at its flagship project, Golden Haven Las Piñas.

Set to start operations this October, the Pet Crematorium will feature state-of-the-art equipment to be operated by a team of professionals that will ensure gentle care and sensitivity for beloved pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

Golden Haven Las Piñas has long been celebrated as the most comprehensive death care facility in the country, offering a range of services including a beautifully landscaped memorial park, columbarium, chapels, and a crematorium. Now, with the introduction of the Golden Haven Pet Crematorium, the company is extending its commitment to serve the diverse needs of the community, including its four-legged companions. 

Emy Lustado, president of Golden Haven, expressed her heartfelt sentiments about this important milestone, saying, “We recognize the deep bonds of love and attachment that pet owners share with the furry members of their families. With the launch of The Golden Haven Pet Crematorium, we earnestly wish to help ease the pain of loss for those who have lost their beloved pets.”

At the heart of The Pet Crematorium’s service lies Golden Haven’s promise of compassion and care for the bereaved family, who can rest assured that they will receive their beloved companions’ ashes at the end of the service. Golden Haven is committed to providing individual cremation services for pets, ensuring that each pet receives the respect and dignity it deserves.

Finally, equally significant is the company’s commitment to environmentally sustainable practices. Golden Haven will use modern cremation technology that produces little or no smoke and minimizes the release of pollutants into the air.

As Golden Haven continues to uphold the highest standards in death care services, nothing will ever trump the company’s sincere intent to address the diverse needs of the Filipino family and its four-legged companions.

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