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A young celebrity mom’s blooming secret

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Actress Sofia Andres admits that she’s been loving motherhood. Since giving birth to Zoe in November 2019, her life has become centered around her little bundle of joy and the effort of making sure that the tyke one would have a lovely childhood. 

Sofia holding a Sooper Beaute soap

The 23-year-old actress also shares that since giving birth, she hasn’t fully decided on getting back to work. Not that projects have become limited after she became a mom, but it was her conscious decision to focus all her energies on nurturing her child.

“I don’t want to leave her. I get sad whenever I would go out and do something or if I would have to be gone for a few days for my showbiz engagements. I begin to miss her as soon as I step out of the house,” she shared with Manila Standard Lifestyle in an interview. 

“That’s why I’m kind of only accommodate projects that will not take much of my time away from my daughter,” she added. 

Though Sofia has a few projects in the pipeline, she’s glad that at the moment, endorsing products has been one of the ways that allow her to work and still have quality and quantity time with Zoey. 

Sofia Andres (right) with daughter Zoe

“Sofia has come of age and embraced motherhood at its fullest,” said Sooper Beaute founder and general manager Jessica “Aica” Palma. “With a blossoming career, rapidly-rising followers, and a growing business on the side, there’s no doubt that she is a woman of limitless beauty!”  

The young actress was the first muse of Sooper Beaute in 2016 when she was only 16. 

“We found it easy to decide to make her our muse once again as we transition to the New Sooper Beaute because Sofia has grown into a versatile woman. Aside from being an actress, she’s a mother, a painter, and a fashion inspiration,” said Palma.  

A personal care products company making an impact in the beauty and skincare industry in the Philippines, Sooper Beaute re-introduced the Kapamilya actress as its endorser at the company’s media launch of its “Breakthrough and Bloom” campaign recently. 

Sofia embraces her nurturing side as a mother

This new branding initiative was conceptualized during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic when everyone experienced major changes in their lives. “Now that we’ve learned to live with these new changes, we’ve discovered new interests, new talents, and a new mindset,”  said Palma who ended her statement by saying that Sofia perfectly embodies what the campaign stands for since she’s blooming and is able to maintain her vibrant and youthful look despite the challenge of being a mom and a celebrity.


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