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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Newly-formed PPP party-list getting massive support from Cebuanos

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The newly-formed Pwersa ng Pilipinong Pandagat (PPP) party-list has won the heart of the Cebuanos, particularly the fisherfolk in Danao City, as shown by their large attendance in a recent gathering in the area.

“This is the kind of a party-list that we fishermen of Danao are waiting for. The party-list that truly represents not only the marginalized fisherfolk of Cebu but also in other parts of the country,” fisherman Ando Reyes said.

The Pwersa ng Pilipinong Pandagat party-list’s major aim is to provide help for the basic needs of the country’s fishermen in order to uplift their lives, including the other lowly sectors at the countryside.

“The PPP has already a number of programs lined up to assist our fishermen improve their catch thereby increasing their income. We also have a list of possible measures that could benefit the fisherfolk, and that we could bring into fruition once the people support us and our cause up to Congress,” said Bryan Lim, one of the representatives of the PPP party-list.


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