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TVIRD mine unit gets ISO certification

Agata Mining Ventures Inc., a joint project of TVI Resource Development Inc. and MRL Nickel Philippines Inc., recently received an ISO 14001:2004 certification.

TVIRD said Intertek Philippines, a reputable ISO-accrediting institution, earlier concluded its third-party audit and was satisfied with both the company’s internal compliance procedures and  Environmental Management System.

EMS is a fundamental component under the ISO certification process.

All mining companies are required to secure International Standards Organization 14001 – Environmental Management Systems certification.

The Environment Department issued Administrative Order 2015-07 on April 30, 2015 which required all holders of mineral agreements and financial or technical assistance agreements engaged in metallic operations to secure the certification.

The mining company said the certification underpinned that the company’s environmental management standards were in parallel with international standards.

“Obtaining an ISO certification is just one of the many environmental management safeguards implemented by TVIRD in its previous mining operations that have since been installed as part of the company’s Agata Mining Project,” said TVIRD vice president for environment Jay Nelson.

“Apart from achieving regulatory compliance, TVIRD couples this with the proper and sustained implementation of an effective environmental management program.  This tandem is what defines responsible mining,” Nelson said.

TVIRD operates the Agata Nickel Laterite Project in its 4,995-hectare mineral processing sharing agreement area in the municipalities of Tubay, Jabonga and Santiago in Agusan del Norte province.

AMVI launched its enhanced environmental policy in April, which aimed to facilitate and enhance the decision-making process on environmental management issues by seeking opinion, feedback and participation from AMVI’s stakeholders.  

TVIRD said the policy also promoted and encouraged awareness and training to ensure individuals were aware of their responsibilities.

The mining company said it was operating under principles and guidelines identified and recommended by several international organizations.

“Most, if not all mining companies have incorporated these guidelines and principles in their operations long before the requirement for ISO certification.  Many of the mining standards and regulations developed by Canada, Australia and other countries have also long been part of TVIRD’s environmental policy as well as the Philippine mining industry landscape,” Nelson said. 

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