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Rep. Pulong Duterte distributes food packs in Davao for Ramadan

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Davao City – As the Muslim community observes the Holy Month of Ramadan until its celebration of the Eidul Fitr today, presidential son and Davao City 1st District Rep. Paolo “Pulong” Duterte, joined in the nationwide food distribution for our Muslim brothers.

The First Congressional District Office began the distribution of meal packs to beneficiaries in the barangays in Davao City on April 20, Tuesday. Hundreds of beneficiaries from Tausog, Iranun, Sama, Maguindanao, Kagan, and Maranao tribes received the meals.

Rep. Duterte’s office said the distribution of meal packs was scheduled every Tuesday and Friday until the celebration of the Eidul Fitr today.

Eidul Fitr is an important celebration for Filipino Muslims, marking the end of the month-long fast during Ramadan. Originated by the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, Eidul Fitr is a celebration of thanksgiving to Allah.

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There were 1,200 meal packs prepared on every scheduled date of distribution. Each tribe received 200 meal packs at their respective mosques.

The activity is in concordance to the directive of the young congressman to initiate the giving of food assistance to the Muslim community on the Ramadan period until Eidul Fitr. This is to pay respect and to support them in this holy month, which started on April 13.

Rep. Duterte, in his message, said Ramadan is the time for deep reflection, prayer, and contemplation as people around the world face challenging and dangerous times brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, a crisis that has threatened everyone’s health and livelihood.

“Countless of our Moro brothers and sisters are actively and bravely working at the front lines, helping the government in the fight against the pandemic,” Rep. Duterte said.

He added that many of the Moro leaders are also relentless in ensuring that Davao City and the rest of Mindanao remain peaceful — and this is important as everyone envisions living in a place where everyone can achieve their respective aspirations for better lives.

“May the Holy Month of Ramadan bring us inspiration as it also brings us hope, love, and compassion for those who have less in life, the sick, and the needy. I pray that this month will also strengthen our faith, bring us good health and abundance,” Rep. Duterte said.

The Holy Month of Ramadan is a golden opportunity for millions of Muslims to get closer to Allah by showing sympathy and helping those in need. But this year, the dawn-to-dusk month comes at a time when communities across the globe are forced to stay at home.

With the ongoing pandemic, many people have lost their jobs, leaving them in dire need for help this Ramadan. To help ease this unprecedented crisis, the First Congressional District Office initiated the distribution of meals to support our Muslim brothers during Ramadan.

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