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Continue giving with Security Bank

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By any measure, this is a year like no other. The last 12 months have seen an unprecedented series of disruptions, prompting us to adapt to multiple changes in lightning fast speed. As we head into the last few weeks of 2020, the holiday season, while a tad different, serves as a warm reminder of all the things big and small we should be grateful for.

As the holidays inch closer, Security Bank helps us focus on the good and make giving a lot easier this Christmas season.

Celebrating and gift-giving with family and friends

Many of our plans might have been put on hold, but who says that reconnecting with our loved ones has to be one of them?

With a slew of video conferencing tools, same-day delivery apps, and mobile chat software to choose from, we’ll never run out of ways to reunite even virtually with people dear to us.

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Along with schedules slowly being filled with Messenger calls, Viber quick chats, Zoom conferences, and separate-but-together online events, gift-giving can also bridge the physical gap between us and our loved ones.

With several of our favorite stores going digital and many of us finding new holy grails in online shopping apps, we see ourselves going for contactless and cashless payments.

To those who are shopping for items at select SSI stores, you may use your Security Bank Mastercard credit card and a qualified single-receipt purchase will automatically donate up to P500 to the Philippines Red Cross.

For other online purchases, Security Bank Mastercard debit or credit card gives us a P100 Shopee voucher we can use to get a discount on the next item in our carts. Remember that during this time, every cost-saving promo counts. Get more info about this ongoing offer here.

Sending aguinaldo online

Since gatherings are still limited, we might not get a chance to see our godchildren this Christmas and hand them crisp bills. But for the ninongs and ninangs, there’s no need to worry: an easy way to send money is through Security Bank’s eGiveCash.

Our inaanaks don’t even need to open a bank account. We only need to provide their details so they can easily receive our cash gifts. On top of this, Security Bank’s InstaPay fee is waived until the end of the year for convenient cash transfer to family and friends without the add-on fees.

Giving back to the community

If we’ve learned anything about 2020, that is to make the most of what we have and to extend our gratitude by giving back.

To those of us who are all set for the holidays, one way to donate and share our blessings is by converting our credit card rewards points into donations.

This Christmas, even the smallest act of generosity makes an impact and that’s what we need now more than previous years. With the holidays just around the corner, Security Bank is grateful to be able to give back to the communities this season of giving despite all of this year’s challenges.

For more information on how to apply for a Security Credit Card, visit

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