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Marcos: ‘No objection ’to PhilHealth rate hike

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But Palace review on 5% premium increase ongoing

President Marcos has “no objection” to the planned five percent increase in PhiliHealth’s premium rates, the state health insurer said even as the Palace clarified the review of its implementation is ongoing.

“The review is still ongoing,” Presidential Communications Office Secretary Cheloy Garafil told reporters in a Viber message.

“The President wants to ensure that any increase in premium will substantially be much more in value in terms of benefits and coverage to PhilHealth members,” she added.

Earlier in the day, PhilHealth president and CEO Emmanuel Ledesma said they received a letter from the Office of the President which statedtaht “they pose no objection to the scheduled increase which was implemented on January 1st.”

“It was clearly stated by PBBM that the premium increase will continue,” Ledesma said.

Health Secretary Ted Herbosa previously asked the President to suspend the rate hike, saying PhilHealth has enough money to continue providing services.

The increase in PhilHealth rates fulfills the requirements outlined in the Universal Health Care (UHC) Law.

This legislation provides for gradual increases in PhilHealth contributions, culminating in the current five percent rate.

President Marcos previously ordered the state insurer to show the other side of the targeted premium rate hike.

“I’m observing, I’ll tell you, go ahead if you are going to increaseit just show the other side of that. What will be the increase in services, what will it be able to cover, what more you will be able to cover?” President Marcos said in an earlier interview.

“It’s very hard to quantify health. You know how much it is worth to you, it’s worth different things to different people,” he added.


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