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Marian Rivera revisits passion for dancing

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TV actress Marian Rivera’s rise to TikTok stardom has been nothing short of remarkable, and her willingness to engage with her fans and take their requests into account has endeared her even more to her growing online fanbase.

She currently boasts an impressive 6.7 million followers on the platform, and her three featured videos, in which she is casually dressed in a loose shirt, jogger pants, and a baseball cap, have collectively garnered over 350 million views.

In an interview with  Manila Standard Entertainment, Marian shared her thoughts on being tagged as the “Queen of Tiktok” in the Philippines. She humbly remarked in the vernacular, “I suddenly felt shy, but I’m just enjoying myself. It’s only been a month since I started consistently posting content,” she continued.

The persistent requests from her followers had been urging her to start posting on TikTok for quite some time, and she eventually decided to take the plunge last month. Initially, she confessed to feeling quite shy, but then she thought, ‘Why not?’

Marian’s Tiktok account has amassed over 6.7 million followers

“They’ve been urging me to start posting for a while now, so I finally decided to give it a try last month. I’ve always had a passion for dancing, so I decided to revisit it. I also want to connect with my followers; I read their comments. So, if they’re requesting  MariMar, I’ll definitely deliver that for them,” she said alluding to the theme song of the series that cemented her moniker as the Kapuso Primetime Queen.

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The spotlight shone on Marian’s TikTok dance moves during the Solmux Advance Jam event at SM The Block on September 16. The event introduced the latest addition to the Solmux range of over-the-counter medicines, with the theme “Ubo Free, Ganap Ready.” The event was hosted by  Mikey Bustos  and  Dr. Kilimanguru  and featured social media personalities like  CK De Leon, Charlize Ruth, and Dr. Dex Macalintal.

Marian shares the stage with her fans during the event

Shoppers momentarily paused their activities to catch a glimpse of Marian, who captivated the audience with her dance performance on stage.

Meanwhile, as a health advocate, Marian emphasized that she never compromises on her family’s well-being, even when it comes to addressing a cough. She likened it to a fire that can escalate rapidly.

The Kapuso Primetime Queen graces the Solmux Advance Jam event at SM The Block

Marian stressed the importance of promptly addressing cough with phlegm, as neglecting it could lead to conditions such as flu, pneumonia, or bronchitis. Thus, she underscored the significance of having an advanced solution at hand.

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