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Sharon, Gabby’s surprise reunion steals show at ‘Dear Heart’ media briefing

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“On a rare occasion, the former couple  Sharon Cuneta, 57, and  Gabby Concepcion, 58, crossed paths once again at the media conference for their upcoming concert, ‘Dear Heart,’ which will be held at the MOA Arena on October 27.

The reunion happened at the Glass Ballroom in Okada Manila in Parañaque City on Friday afternoon, September 15. Gabby faced the media alone from 1:05 p.m. to 2:02 p.m. As the event host announced Sharon’s arrival, Gabby said with a smile, “I knew it!”

Gabby Concepcion (left) and Sharon Cuneta reunite on stage after five years

They initially decided to stay apart until the concert, aiming for an authentic and special reunion on stage. They rehearse separately to build anticipation and excitement. When they finally met on stage, playful banter ensued.

The concert has a theme celebrating their relationship with fans and supporters, covering their journey from being a couple to post-1987 separation. This narrative will evoke nostalgia and emotion for performers and fans.

“Hello everybody!” Sharon cheerfully greeted as she took the stage.

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Gabby quickly assisted Sharon and humorously exclaimed, “Hey! This is the first time I’m holding her hand! First time! First time!”

Gabby also took a flower and jokingly said, “Before anything else, you know, I bought this in Quiapo earlier.”

Sharon chuckled and said, “Thank you so much. Thank you to our producers.”

Gabby and Sharon shared a hug during the media conference of their concert ‘Dear Heart’

Gabby delighted the members of the press with his next gesture.

Gabby said to Sharon, “I told them that after this, I’ll leave, so we won’t run into each other. Can we have a hug before we go?”

Sharon agreed, and the two embraced.

As Gabby was about to bid farewell, he introduced Sharon one more time.

“Ladies and gentlemen, on stage, I give to you, Sharon…” Gabby paused and deliberately left out mentioning the Megastar’s last name. “Dati, she was Concepcion.”

Sharon laughed and playfully swatted Gabby with the flower. Gabby said, “Just Sharon!” and turned to his ex-wife saying, “I’ll see you in the concert.”

“I’ll see you at the concert,” Sharon agreed with a smile.

Gabby jokingly asked Sharon for a kiss again, saying, “One more kiss!” but quickly added, “Just kidding, just kidding!”

Gabby (left) and Sharon say that they rehearse separately to build anticipation and excitement

Sharon and Gabby allowed for more photo opportunities before the actor finally left the stage.

It’s said that they didn’t plan to be on stage together for the media conference, but they did it out of love for the press, who have known the ex-couple for a long time.

The last time Sharon and Gabby crossed paths was when they shared the stage together at the Gabay Guro grand gathering held at the MOA Arena five years ago.

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