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Nora Aunor unveils plans for film on her remarkable life journey

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DURING a recent interview, Superstar Nora Aunor shared an exciting revelation about a forthcoming trilogy film that will chronicle her life’s journey.

La Aunor explained that the project is currently in its initial planning stages, and the decision to divide her rich array of experiences into three distinct parts is a strategic one.

Aunor humorously pointed out that attempting to encapsulate her entire life in a single movie would result in a runtime akin to the famously lengthy films of Lav Diaz.

“If we’re going to watch it, we might finish it by tomorrow. So, it is safer to divide it into Parts 1, 2, and 3! They’re also planning a huge tribute for me next year. A big production outfit will handle it,” the 70-year-old actress shared.

Superstar Nora Aunor in a scene from the film, ‘Pieta’

Aunor is already thinking about who might take on the role of her younger self in her biographical film.

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“We’ll be holding auditions, ensuring that ample time is set aside for the process,” she explained.

On a different note, the veteran actress has recently completed shooting for the movie Pieta, directed by Adolf Alix, Jr. She shares the screen with Jaclyn Jose, Gina Alajar, Bembol Roco, Ina Raymundo, and Alfred Vargas, who is also the film’s producer.

Speaking of Vargas, Aunor praised him, noting his kindness and approachability. She also lauded his commitment to authentic acting, highlighting his willingness to seek guidance when needed.

Shifting to her forthcoming horror project, Mananambal, where she stars opposite Bianca Umali, Aunor said that shooting has yet to commence due to ongoing script revisions.

From left: ‘Pieta’ stars Alfred Vargas, Nora Aunor, Gina Alajar, and director Adolf Alix

Anticipating a September start date, she is enthusiastic about the venture.

In addition to these projects, Aunor provided updates on her other film endeavors. Ligalig, a project alongside Snooky Serna and Allen Dizon, has been successfully filmed under the skillful direction of Topel Lee. She also mentioned another film, Kontrabida, directed by Adolf.

The National Artist for Broadcast and Films also shared positive news regarding her health. Currently, she’s not faced with frequent hospital visits, expressing contentment with her well-being.

“God is so good. He gave me another chance to live. Maybe, I still have a mission to fulfill. I guess, I still have a lot of people to entertain!” ended Nora.

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Asked about his reaction to the upcoming wedding of LJ Reyes and her fiancé Philip Evangelista, Paolo Contis openly expressed his genuine happiness for his former partner.

“Of course, I’m very happy for her. I’m glad that she has finally found the love she truly deserves. I don’t have anything negative to say. It’s her right to find happiness,” he affirmed.

When it comes to his future, does Paolo envision himself leaping into marriage? He shares, “It will come. Everything that’s currently unfolding in my life, including my demanding workload, is a blessing. These experiences are part of my preparation for the future. Once things are more settled, then I can consider the prospect of getting married.”

As for his current relationship with Yen Santos, does he see a future with her? Paolo enthusiastically responded, “Absolutely! Why not, right? Given everything we’ve gone through, she’s a wonderful individual. She deserves a fresh start.”

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