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MOVE IT moves forward with Professionalizing Habal-Habal Riders

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The locally based motorcycle taxi service provider MOVE IT is actively working to professionalize the habal-habal industry. The problems preventing habal-habal riders from becoming skilled motorcycle taxi personnel were discussed by MOVE IT General Manager Wayne Jacinto with hundreds of riders and leaders through a series of conferences and discussions.

The government has called for solutions to safety, security, and cost issues with habal-habal activities across the nation, and MOVE IT’s project is a timely response. MOVE IT is proactively walking the grounds towards the professionalization of habal-habal riders as the MC Taxi industry aims for maximum safety, dependability, and professionalization of unlicensed motorcycle taxis for hire.

Habal-habal drivers discussed the difficulties they regularly encounter during the pilot forum, particularly those associated with fulfilling the requirements necessary to be recognized as professional MC cab drivers. The guests did, however, agree that their devotion to safety is what motivates them to pursue careers as motorcycle taxi professionals.

In order to help habal-habal riders integrate into the official MC Taxi industry, MOVE IT made the fundamental promise to help them earn professional licenses. Additionally, habal-habal drivers were invited to head straight to the assessment area for a quick skills evaluation and validation if they met all the requirements. It is anticipated that those who passed the test will be officially onboarded as MOVE IT rider-partners.

In order to help its rider partners achieve financial stability, MOVE IT provides a range of rewarding earning opportunities and perks, such as low commission rates, aggressive incentive programs, all-inclusive insurance plans, and exclusive discounts on rider necessities. Additionally, MOVE IT’s rider partners are equipped to deliver professional and efficient motorcycle taxi services thanks to rigorous safety and tech training sessions.

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The government’s aim of professionalized, safe, and dependable motorcycle taxi services is being adopted by MOVE IT’s innovative initiatives to professionalize the habal-habal sector, marking a significant advancement for MC Taxi and the larger transportation sector. The evolution of habal-habal riders into reputable MC Taxi experts will definitely usher in an exciting new chapter for the Philippine transportation environment as MOVE IT’s forums and debates progress.

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