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Bea Alonzo ready to pass the baton

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During a recent television guesting, Bea Alonzo was asked about her feelings regarding the possibility of losing the popularity she currently enjoys. In response, the actress expressed, “Honestly, no. I firmly believe that it’s inevitable for all of us to experience that phase. The key is to handle it with grace.”

According to Bea, one cannot remain at the pinnacle of fame forever. She acknowledged, “Yes, everyone has their time in the spotlight and the opportunity to pursue their desires. Eventually, it’s essential to give others a chance.

Bea likened this situation to passing the baton to another individual with grace in a relay race. She expressed her delight in knowing that her body of work is being appreciated both online and on social media. She felt gratified that the characters she portrayed will forever be immortalized in the hearts of her audience.

Versatile actress Bea Alonzo

Hypothetically speaking, if Bea were to quit showbiz at this very moment, she confidently asserts that she could indeed live comfortably. With a sense of humility, she reveals that her hard work has spanned over 22 years, during which she managed to save significantly for herself and her future family. Bea attributes her financial security to her disciplined approach, having abstained from leading an extravagant lifestyle.

Bea is thankful that she learned to value money through the advice of some important people who are close to her.

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“There’s my mom for one. Then, there’s my manager Ms. Shirley Quan. Mr. Johnny Manahan, during the time when both of us were still with Star Magic, he also taught me when it comes to handling money properly.”

The actress also shed light on the issue that she and Alden Richards allegedly had a fight when they were doing their hit soap Start-Up PH.

“No, for the record, we didn’t fight. We just had a little misunderstanding which has something to do with our profession. I guess, we have different backgrounds as artists. But everything’s water under the bridge now. We were able to sort things out. In one of our promotional trips for our show, we were able to talk about the issue and all’s well that ends well. I think that’s what’s important,” Bea ended.


Enrique Gil belied the rumor that he and Liza Soberano have already parted ways. It’s more than a year now that said issue has been circulating.

“Actually, we’re both okay at present,” he avers. “We’re busy with our respective projects.”

What’s good is that even if they’re both busy, they support each other.

“We’re good. I’m busy with my projects. She’s also busy with hers. She’s focusing on building an international career and it is super good for her. Of course, we’re supportive of each other no matter what. So, yeah, I’m super happy for her and vice-versa.”

To prove that nothing has changed between them, the good-looking actor posted on his Instagram account his birthday greetings for Liza last January which read: “We might be worlds apart, but you’ve never been closer to my heart. To the most beautiful soul in the world. To my best friend and baby [emoji] I love you so much [emoji] Happy Birthday!”

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