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Maine Mendoza conquers new challenges

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TV5 and BuKo Channel viewers will experience new exhilarating adventures of phenomenal star and award-winning host Maine Mendoza in the much-awaited return of her show, #MaineGoals, which aired its third season both on free TV and pay TV on April 10.

Awarded as the Best Entertainment Presenter/Host for #MaineGoals at the 27th Asian TV Awards in December 2022, Maine Mendoza is more than ready to conquer new goals in the show’s third season with her TV besties Chamyto Aguedan and Chi Chirita. 

Maine Mendoza (center) with her TV besties Chamyto Aguedan and Chi Chirita

In the past seasons, the trio “conquered earth, wind, water, and fire” as they tried out cheer dancing, street sweeping, farming, and pageantry. For their new season, Maine, Chamyto, and Chi are ticking off activities they have never done before, such as becoming flight attendants, driving race cars, training for the army, and many more. 

Aside from these new and exciting goals, #MaineGoals Season 3 allows viewers to share their achievements and experiences with the hosts when they post with the hashtag #GoalAchievedTogether.

#MaineGoals Season 3 airs at 8:30 a.m. on TV5’s Gandang Mornings, and with an extended version at 8:00 p.m. on BUKO Channel via Cignal TV and SatLite Ch 2. Viewers can also catch #MaineGoals on Cignal Play via Live TV and Video-On-Demand.


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