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NTC issues rules on SIM registration, takes effect Dec. 27

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Telecommunications companies are set to roll out online SIM registration and start selling new SIMs in deactivated mode after the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) issued the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of the SIM Registration Act.

The IRR, drafted by the NTC in consultation with the industry, has also gone through public hearings. It is expected to lay down the SIM registration procedure and guidelines that all public telecommunications entities (PTEs) must follow in creating their respective registration platforms.

The IRR is expected to take effect on Dec. 27, 2022.

In compliance with the law, Globe will launch its online SIM registration platform and start selling new SIMs in deactivated mode, the company said.

All new SIMs must be registered immediately to enjoy Globe services while existing SIMs should be registered within 180 days or six months from the effectivity of the law.

The SIM Registration Act was signed into law on Oct. 10, 2022.

“Globe is proud to be part of the technical working group that crafted the IRR, which we hope will pave the way for an orderly and timely SIM registration for all SIM users. We will continue our close collaboration with the government to ensure full implementation of the SIM Registration Act to achieve our shared goal of stopping cybercrime, including SIM-aided fraud,” said Globe Group President and CEO Ernest Cu.

“Our goal is to have a SIM registration process that is seamless, secure, inclusive, and convenient for our customers,” he said.

Cu also noted that Globe has existing customers who are currently not using smartphones and may not be digitally savvy, adding Globe will put in place a special assistance process for these customers so they can go through the registration as well.

There are an estimated 87.9 million SIM users under the Globe network.

“We are ready to roll out our SIM Registration processes after months of preparations, which have included, among others, studying best global practices and technology solutions from other countries that have already implemented SIM registration,” Francis Flores, senior vice president and head of Consumer Business Group Individual at Smart, said.

“We will release more information about the SIM registration portal via our official channels in the next few weeks,” he added.

Adel Tamano, chief administrative officer of DITO, said his company would do its best to make the registration process as “simple and painless” as possible for its 14 million customers.

The passage of the SIM Registration Act was seen as a significant step forward in fighting fraudsters who have been taking advantage of SIM use anonymity in their illicit activities.


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