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Akihiro Blanco makes slow but sure progress

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Actor Akihiro Blanco is now an official talent of Viva Artists Agency as he recently inked a contract with the talent management arm of Viva Entertainment. 

Akihiro was an original product of TV 5’s star reality search Artista Academy in 2012. Though he failed to win the grand prize in the contest, he forayed into showbiz nevertheless and has done numerous of projects that introduced him as a reliable actor.

“Since my Artista Academy days until now, I am proud of all the experiences I’ve gained in the industry,” he avers.

Considering the years he’s been active in the business, stopping at this point is not an option.

Akihiro Blanco eyes significant and positive changes with his signing with Viva

“I want to have more work. I want to try doing projects which I haven’t done yet. I want to explore and hone my craft further. That’s my goal now that I’m in my tenth year in this business.”

How does he feel now that he’s a contract artist of Viva?

“Honestly, I’m nervous but at the same time excited. It’s my first time with them.”

Interestingly, will he be open to doing sexy materials for Vivamax?

“Yes I am but I have to know the story and read the script first!”

Some quarters observe that his career has made slow progress over the years. Is he affected by this?

“Honestly, no! I don’t feel any frustration because I’m busy with a lot of things. Like, even if the pandemic struck, there were still TV projects that were offered to me like Tadhana on GMA and Maalaala Mo Kaya on ABS-CBN. During that period, I was still freelance. I also got busy putting up my coffee shop business and establishing partnerships with a bar. So you see, my time wasn’t idle.”

The cute lad believes that there will be big and positive changes in his career now that he is with Viva.

“Yes, I think so. Acting is really my passion and I love my craft so much. I really have high hopes now that I’m their talent,” ends Akihiro.

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Piolo Pascual has only good words for his Flower of Evil co-stars Lovi Poe and Paulo Avelino for the dedication and professionalism they’ve exhibited when it comes to working.

“Actually, with Lovi, we didn’t find it hard to portray our roles in the show,” he states. “For one, she’s like a chameleon. Considering that it’s her maiden project for the Kapamilya, still, she was able to give her best. The scope of her character is huge.

“Perhaps, one thing that made it easy chemistry-wise, she was really there. The innate talent or skills we just draw from each other’s emotions. It was easy for us because we both want to make it work and make it more beautiful. We’re on the same page the whole time. She was supporting me, I was supporting her through and through until the end!

“Another good thing about Lovi is that she’s game to doing various scenes, especially those which required her to do action sequences. She doesn’t mind if she’ll get hurt. She was always willing to do anything just to make it work. Definitely, she’s a delight to watch!”

As for Paulo, the award-winning actor is all praises for his being focused in his role.

“He is very committed. He watched the Korean version of our program because he wanted to do a different attack on his character. He comes to the set very prepared and no matter how long the scene is, you won’t hear any complaints from him. He’s very supportive. He will push you to give your best,” says Piolo.


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